Top Ten Tuesday - USA vs Switzerland

Two years ago (where has time gone?) I was participating in Top Ten Tuesdays, hosted by Sticky Fings who totally disappeared from the surface of the earth blogosphere, which is a pity for two reasons: she is a great lady who kept coming up with fun themes, and I miss doing the challenge!

So yesterday - July 4 and all - I decided to make a list of ten reasons why I feel more American than Swiss. This is what I came up with, in no particular order:

  1. I can assign the shapes of the 50 states to their location on the map, but have a hard time doing the same for 26 Swiss cantons.
  2. At Starbucks focus groups food tastings I wasn't allowed to participate when it came to determine the typical Swiss taste.
  3. When I hear "a glass of red wine" I think Napa Valley, not Lavaux. I have some flexibility there, though. South African and Australian wine are perfectly fine for me, too!
  4. My favourite holidays are St. Patrick's Day and Halloween
  5. I know my shoe size is 8.5, rather than 39
  6. I think saying "Hello, how are you" to a sales person is friendly, not shallow
  7. When given the choice I'd rather spend my vacation at pretty much any North American destination than in the Swiss mountains (even though they are breathtaking, I'll give you that!)
  8. Even though I quit drinking Coke zero excessively, I still think it tastes a million better than Rivella.
  9. I order off in USD even though there is a .de site in Euros, never mind that shipping & handling cost slightly more and take longer.
  10. To me cheesecake is supposed to be sweet, not savoury.

How about you, do you feel 100% what you were born?

Are you interested in doing a weekly Top Ten Tuesday with me?