Black and White

Can you believe another month is over?

August's theme is Black and White, and it just so happened that my son Colin spent "project week" on this very subject when he was in Kindergarten. He still kept his Yin & Yang sign they crafted back then. His sweater that talks about right and wrong fits perfectly!

He also mentioned that I should take a picture of a hockey referee. Great idea! The earliest test game is on the first weekend of September, and this post is due 8/31, though. Too bad!

Of course there is only one right way to start my day... black coffee out of my white mug. 
It's my "year round mug" as opposed to the Christmas one ;-)

My husband and I have a lot of things in common, most importantly we are in great synch where raising our son is concerned, but we are also opposites as this pictures clearly shows. It was taken by Colin on our 12 years' anniversary. Not only am I talking about our choice of T-Shirts that day, I'm also talking about (not) smiling a lot, (not) worrying about what other people think or about (not) having some sparkling wine. Can you guess who is which?

Tuscany meets  Thailand for this black and white dinner!

More into sweets than rice? In Switzerland you can't go far without coming across of chocolate. The most popular product of the Lindt company are the milk chocolate Lindor balls in their pretty red package, so the dark and the white chocolates are their lesser known, but still super delicious (actually I prefer dark to milk chocolate) cousins:

When I hear black and white I thinki of a chalk board. As a matter of fact we have one as our weekly planner, and for organizational reasons we use different colors for every family member. Guess whose is the busiest social calendar..?

This one isn't a new one so I'll add it as a bonus picture. It was taken at Cape Town's Waterfront where Colin kicked his Daddy's butt playing chess. Cape Town as in South Africa, a nation that knows a lot about black and white...

I hope you are having as much fun with this post as I am! Please check out the other posts here! 

See you next month!

PS: I know, counting to five is hard. And because I've already failed, I have nothing to lose, so here you go, cheers, guys!