Top Ten Thursday - Rules

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about rules, (are they great, reasonable, ridiculous, asking to be bent / broken,...)

A couple of thoughts about rules. Everybody kind of hates them because they limit our fun, play and adventurous plans - however, since we're not the only people on the planet, we need to find a way to do things and get places without getting in each other's hair.

Also I feel if there are rules, they apply to everyone. Sadly sometimes I seem to be the only one observing them. What's with all the passengers on the plane who can't remain seated and wait for the Captain to turn off the seat belt sign? Do they think the door is gonna open more quickly if they jump up as soon as they see fit?

In Switzerland "queueing" is usually not organised. (Except at the post office where you take a ticket and approach the counter when your number comes up at the display. Love it!)

Usually there are no ropes, or "wait here" signs, so folks will just randomly form a crowd around a counter or booth, and the more pushy ones will make themselves served before everyone else. 

One time in a busy freeway rest area, I observed how one of those patrons cut the invisible line and ordered Spaghetti Carbonara. The Chef took a plate, put one spaghetti on it and said "Here you go. If you want the full size portion, please wait your turn like everybody else." 

That was epic!!! Everybody was smiling and giving the Chef approving nods. Spaghetti Guy must have decided to eat something else because we didn't see him again at the pasta booth. 

So with "wait your turn" being too much of a non-brainer to even mention it, I'll dive right in:

1. Only promise what you can keep, sounds like a no-brainer, too, and still... 
If everybody thought about what they're getting themselves into before accepting an assignment or invitation, there would be less disappointment for everybody involved. I feel like these days the pleasure principle becomes rampant. Sure, I'll RVSP for the party, and I really intend to go - unless a better one comes along!

2. First work, then play. I enforce it at our house. Do your homework and you're free to go out and play. Sometimes (being a role model and all) I'm getting the short end of the stick, though, because my own work is never done.

3. I wish I could say I enforce "no food in bed" at our house. Well, I do for Colin and myself, but I can't seem to bring hubby to observe it as well. It's his guilty pleasure to have an after dinner snack in bed while watching his favourite show on the iPad. I wouldn't mind if there weren't chocolate stains, cookie crumbs and apple seeds in our bed all the time. 

4. No more caffeine intake after 4pm. In the very, very olden days I even had Coke Zero when I went out for dinner. No more. Also no after dinner snacks for me. I hear those are the  worst calories.

5. Deadlines: they are here for a reason. Other people wait for our input, product, post, whatever it is. We usually know about them in due time, and there will always be distractions, so come on, let's try and start early so we can keep 'em, shall we? Also, as a general rule, be on time. "But I called to say I was gonna be late" is such a lame attitude! Especially if it happens every single time. Just because you own a cellphone, it's OK to make the other party wait? I don't think so.

6. Shoes off at airport security: hate it. If I had a knife in my boots, the metal detector should be able to pick it up, no? Also, while I'm busy collecting my bags and putting my (and my kid's) shoes back on, who is watching my electronic devices that are approaching on the belt?
Shoes off at our house: please do! Not a fan of cleaning, and if everybody does their part, it really helps. 

7. Treat others the way you want to be treated - sometimes when I'm really angry the other person is a real moron, I don't manage to do just that. But I still think it's a good rule to go by. 

8. Disabled parking is not for those who are just too lazy to park all the way in the back! Be grateful for the fact that you're able to walk and please leave that spot for somebody who needs it! It's equally rude to use a family parking space if you are single. This is not about discriminating you, this is about making life easier for Moms with babies, toddlers, strollers and shopping bags!

9. He who uses the last toilet paper, kindly replace the roll. Notice how I said "he"? The ladies of this world seem to have a less tough time doing it on their own initiative. 

Oh, and while we're at the subject, there is only one way to do it right! 

10. Don't drink on an empty stomach, and don't drink before 5pm - however, keep in mind it's always 5pm somewhere ;-)

11. / Bonus Rule: Enjoy life! Even if there are a bunch of rules to obey, do things that make you happy! Follow your dreams, surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, and if in doubt - have that cupcake! 

So how about you? Are you a rule follower? What are rules that you think make perfect sense (or not), and what kind have you broken in your life?

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