Colin's Minecraft Birthday Party

We've been fortunate to have a gorgeous September. Looking at the weather forecast for Colin's Birthday Party, things did not look very promising. The day before it had been pouring. I was praying for at least one hour with no precipitation because the thought of two handful of excited pre-teenagers in our house...

Birthday Boy enjoying his giant LEGO set first thing in the morning

Lunch! (Anything to pass the time until his friends arrived!)

I was very thrilled to see this bit of blue sky as we set out for our treasure hunt.

The guys were looking at the instructions for one second and sprinted off...

Where did that bit of blue sky go..?

Look what the treasure was!!! T-Shirts for everyone!

Miniature volcano eruption

We made it home with just a tiny bit of drizzle. 
Everybody was hungry. Time for some grass block cake!

Did I mention C wanted a Minecraft themed party?

They were too busy being two handful of excited pre-teenagers, so we didn't get to actually play with everything I had prepared for. Well, the stuff isn't going anywhere, and I don't expect Colin to lose interest in Minecraft anytime soon.

Last highlight before they were picked up or went home independently. I'm still trying to wrap my head around about how quickly they're growing up right under my nose...


Everybody seemed happy!

Speaking of... my happy hour had arrived, too!