Keep it Classy - Purse Ladies who Brunch

So I am a member of a couple of Facebook groups:
  • English speaking Mommies
  • Swiss German speaking Mommies and its spin-off for Mommies over 35 (IKR?)
  • Lunch time again - what to cook?
  • Help out families in need
  • Keep it classy - a spin-off of the former Swiss Louis Vuitton loving ladies, we mainly buy / sell pre-loved purses to / from each other and gossip about new arrivals at the stores
The latter organises a get-together from time to time. So far I never made it, and I thought it was time to change that. I signed up early without knowing if anyone I know in real life was going to be there. 

I was in luck, and it turned out that Colin was going on a field trip with his Sunday Friday School, so 

a) I didn't need a sitter
b) I had a couple of hours to myself anyway.

Bottom right: my beautiful name sister
who sold me the Galiera Azur last summer!
I didn't know Loft Five, the location the brunch was going to be held, but after consulting the map, I found out it was on this new ally "Europaallee" right at Zurich main rail station's back yard, so to speak.

Meaning this girl left her car at home and traveled using public transportation!

When my escalator surfaced form the underpass I could hear music playing, and I felt like I got planted in the middle of a street festival.

Food booths, flag garlands, happy people...

I think I have arrived!

Yes, 't's the season again!

I saw those benches and thought I should have brought sun lotion and a hat. Also I was looking at the ladies sitting there and I was like "I don't think I came to the right place. I don't expect to actually know anyone, but I know that I expect them to have nice purses!!"

I asked a buffet person, and she explained that there was a "real" indoor restaurant at the end of the alley. Here we go! That's more like it!

Upon entering I spotted a girl who could just as well be Andy, right out of the Devil wears Prada. She was lugging a couple of oversized designer bags. I had definitely come to the right place!

Speaking of the Devil wears Prada, a couple of weeks ago somebody in this group mentioned that the movie turned 10 years old this year, and somebody mentioned that there was hopefully going to be a sequel, based on the second book, and I was like "what second book?" 

"Revenge wears Prada" they replied. I was intrigued. Ordered it. Finally got a quiet moment to start reading. 

Everything sounded to familiar. Ohmigod, I must have ordered, read and completely  forgotten about it a couple of years ago!!! Mommy brain at its worst...

A little piece of Chicago!

The restaurant offers a sight for sore (male) eyes as well!

And for the bubbly lovers...

I didn't even photograph the food! There were different kinds of breads, croissants, jams, cheese, deli meat, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, Flammkuchen,...

Of course when about three dozen girls get together, there's a lot of chatting and giggling going on, with or without sparkling wine!

Most are young and single, some are beyond kids, so basically they were all in a position to move on to a shopping spree in the city.

As for me I went back to my own little world to pick up my youngster, and I couldn't be happier!

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