Top Ten Thursday - Fire!

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about the top 10 things we would try and save if our house was on fire. No people or pets, they are taken care of. 

  • My computer, phone and iPad because all the pictures, files, contacts and e-mails are on it, plus they are my work tools.
  • My car, I have waited for it for 8 months, it's technically a baby!
  • Photo albums, because in the olden days the pictures were a matter of paper, not pixels!
  • Seasonal items like my Halloween Ghost Lights, the Elf on the Shelf or the St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hotel
  • I currently stash a couple of Minecraft party favours and birthday gifts for Colin's 8th birthday that I would hate to lose since I had to order and import them.
  • Craft supplies - that sh** is expensive around here!
  • Body lotions. I have quite the collection, and they're not available in Switzerland
  • My purse(s) 
  • My wedding ring - not the dress, though Did I tell you that I had to go and pick it up because it didn't sell? 
  • The wine bottles

What I guess I'm saying with this list is: Clothes are replaceable. DVDs and Books, too. Furniture, appliances - we can get new ones, nicer ones, actually! When I moved in here, my then boyfriend promised "anything you hate, we'll throw it out!" I never made use of that. I'd much rather spend our money for traveling. 

I have been working so hard to declutter our house, it would probably be freeing to start over. Not that I want to start a fire!

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