Top Ten Thursday - Hometown

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Today we're talking about the top 10 things we miss about our hometown, or the top ten things we would miss about our current town if we were to move away.

This theme was inspired by my blogger friend Kate's post. She talks about Deception Pass Bridge that she and her family crossed many times when she was a child, and she didn't pay attention. Today she's the mom, and she and her family live over 5,000 miles (8,500 km) away. So when they visit, this is what she says: "My goodness, my heart drops to the floor, and we need to get out of the car and take it all in. Just gorgeous." 

As for me, I live back in my hometown Staufen after being away for 3 years during which I lived in the Zug, Switzerland, area (gorgeous) and San Diego, CA (super gorgeous), so I have never missed a thing about the place I grew up. 

So I'm trying to imagine what it must be like to visit with my family after having moved far away for many years. Where would I want to go?

1. Schloss Lenzburg, our castle from the 11th century. It's where you spend adventurous days in pre-school, it's where I attended a corporate function, being dressed inappropriately, part 1 and part 2, and it's also where hubby and I got married, as per his request. He didn't grow up here, so he always thought it'd be a cool place to tie the knot. 

2. Next to the castle's hill there is the Goffersberg to which this stairway to heaven is the only way to take.

3. Staufberg, our "house hill". On top there's the local church and cemetery, over the years it has become "home" to quite some people we knew. On a positive note, the annual nativity play takes place at that church. On New Year's Eve a huge bonfire is being set up using our citizen's Christmas trees that they leave at the curb early Dec 31 (or late Dec 30). Students and loyal helpers pick them up and haul them up the hill.

My father is a member of the local vinery association. They maintain the vine stocks, pick and crush the grapes, ferment and bottle the wine.

Photo credit: my Mom, 2009, Colin was one year old!

Photo credit: my Mom

4. The Aabach, our local creek. There are a couple of nice places that invite you to walk alongside, to cross a bridge or to just sit down and take in the peaceful scenery.

5. It's on my way to the Jailhouse Store where I get our "killer pies" on Wednesdays outside the hockey season. In this store they sell products that inmates have baked, cooked or crafted. Wine, yogurt, cookies, you name it. Wednesday is pie day, a good ten savoury and fruity varieties, and they are delicious.

6. There is another gorgeous castle in my area, Schloss HallwylIt's technically 2-3 towns away, but who's counting. It's definitely a major attraction! It's where you go for a field trip if you're in 3rd grade or so. Many people get married there.

If you walk 15-20 minutes you'll get to the jetty. A boat ride on a beautiful day is a must if you're in the area!

7. Lenzburg's Old Town in general, the Rathausgasse, townhall alley, in particular, with its cobble stones and old buildings. 

In summer there is the farmer's market being held on Tuesdays and Fridays (both happen to be my office days, so I never get to go and take pictures...)

The annual Jugendfest parade leads through the Rathausgasse. The lady with the blue bouquet is F, my high school friend and maid of honor, plus she is a local teacher so she gets to participate.

The Rathaus CafĂ© in this picture is where I used to work as a student. This picture was taken in February 2013. I took Colin for breakfast prior to his IQ testing session that would later help him to skip a year and start 1st grade early.

8. Lindenplatz, I guess you could call it our village square. It's where the bus stops, and where the bakery and the grocery store that also hosts the post office, are located. Kindergarten and Daycare are only a three minutes' walk away. In the old days (back when I was in Kindergarten) there used to be a cheese shop and a shoemaker! 

This building hosts the local firefighters, and there are a couple of apartments that belong to the municipality, and for almost a year now they're being used to give refugees a home. 

On the last Thursday of November (which in other cultures is Thanksgiving) there is the erection and lightning of the Christmas tree, one of my favourite events! 

9. Staufen's Elementary School House. My Dad attended it, my brother and I, and now Colin. It was super strange to go back there for C's "parents' orientation" after all those years, but I got over it.

10. The Public Library. It used to be my happy place as a kid and a teenager, and the same is true for Colin today. Sometimes there are no parking spaces available, and I let him hop out while I keep looking. 

As I park and make my way to the kids' books floor, I usually find him like this:

A couple of buildings down from the library there used to be The Ortelli Bakery that sold home made ice cream. When I was in high school we went there on our afternoons off. The bakery closed its doors about 10 years ago, otherwise it would have made my list for sure!

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