Top Ten Thursday - Leaving on Vacation

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about Top Ten Things to take care of before leaving on vacation.

While I do love to travel and explore, I hate the time prior to that. So many things that I don't particularly like doing:

  1. Book flights, rental car (book car seat or bring bubble bum?), first night accomodation
  2. Update passports and ESTA if necessary. If you plan on traveling to South Africa you'll need an English birth certificate for your kid stating you're their parents.
  3. Arrange witholding of mail
  4. Do laundry. Lots of laundry
  5. Pack smart: bring enough clothes, but not too much. Consider we'll be in the Rocky Mountains at 10,000 feet as well as in the Death Valley desert at minus 262 feet. Also make sure to leave room in the bags for shopping. Avoid liquids and pointed items in carry-on bags!
  6. Gadgets: charge and bring U.S. phone and charger (adapter, too!), update North American maps on car GPS
  7. Arrange for airport transportation
  8. Empty fridge
  9. Unplug electrical devices
  10. Breathe
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This list automatically includes things I won't do: clean the house or pay the bills because what's the point in that if I happen to not come back home? Also no exchanging of money. Banks at the airport are open from 6am till 10pm, plenty of time.

I should have come up with this topic earlier because if I forgot anything it'd be too late. As this posts we're somewhere. I don't even know where exactly. But you'll find out. 

How about you, are you a light traveler?

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