Top Ten Thursday - Clothes

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about our Top Ten Clothing Items and Accessories.

I am not a fashionista, I would not get hired at Runway.

I am all about comfort, and lately I have to worry about stuff fitting me at all. If you want your cake and eat it, too - you've got to deal with the pounds. 

Let's start - from top down:

1. Pearl necklace. Basic white-ish ones. I have two. 
I attached a YOLO-charm to one.

2. Hoodies. Probably my most favourite thing to wear. I have light ones and heavy ones, sweater style or zip-ups. Preferably I'd want 100% cotton, but that's tough, so I may have to settle for 80/20. I got this one when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup the season before last. 

3. Jacket. I purchased it on a misty, drizzly day in Jasper, AB, and it wasn't till I paid that I found out the collar was actually authentic fur. As if I wasn't feeling guilty enough already, the next time I started hubby's notebook to book some hotel accommodation, he had changed the wallpaper on his screen to an adorable baby racoon that said "you are wearing my Mommy!" Well, it's been about 10 years now, and at least I'm still wearing and liking it.

4. Purses. You know I do love my Louis Vuitton handbags. My favourite ones depend on the season. 

5. Scarf. As a Hockey Mom I need one for the ice rink obviously. I also need one for long-haul flights. Those air jets are killing me, or at the very least give me a sore throat. So while other passengers happily board a plane in a T-Shirt, shorts and flip-flops, I'm all dressed up like an eskimo I have been told. One trip I forgot to bring my scarf and I had to run back and forth at the airport to find one. Now it was either gonna be some ridiculous scratchy one from the Swiss tourism gift shop with cow bells, edelweiss and Swiss crosses or about 6 feet of finest cashmere at a ridiculously high price. Let's just say this was probably ten years ago, and I still love it!

6. Sweatpants. 100% cotton. My Christmas gift to myself last year. Once I'm wearing them I won't leave the house.

7. Jeans. I am so grateful that my job allows me to wear jeans! My current favourite jeans are beginning to seriously fall apart. I haven't found a decent replacement yet, so GAP girlfriend style has to do for now. You know till I lose that weight. 

8. Fluffy socks - my ultimate at home feel-good item from October through March! (Does the fluffy blanket count as clothing item as well...?) Speaking of socks, I currently don't have any lonely ones. I must be in a good place.

9. Sneakers. Plain white ones from NIKE, probably about 10 years old. I was just wearing them for our entire trip, and they were so dirty. I was ready to throw them away but figured I'd give the washer AND dryer a chance, and my shoes are as good as new!

10. Boots. As I was writing this I replaced my pair of well-worn, camel Canadians (fake UGGs) by the real deal which - in connection to loving SBUX and Nutella and owning an iPhone - obviously makes me a basic white girl. 
The thing is I can only wear them when it's cold but dry. Around here when it's cold it's usually wet. Booooo! Speaking of - they kept me warm during trick or treating!

Source: Wikipedia/ Instagram @jesne8msncom
What are your favourite items?

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