Top Ten Thursday - Plans

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about the Top Ten Things that went / didn't go exactly as planned in our lives.

In general I can't complain at all. I had a nice childhood, went through school without any major problems, and even with the occasional setbacks I managed to have good jobs, find a wonderful guy to marry and eventually have a fabulous son. We live in a safe area, and we are healthy and happy. (I may use this as a draft for next week's post on being thankful!)

So what I'm writing about today is definitely a first world thing. As you may know each November our highlight is to meet our friends at the Basel Fall Fair and enjoy the endless food and entertainment it has to offer. 

This year we wanted to be super organised about it. The plan was as follows:

  1. Get some work done in the morning (hubby)
  2. Pick him up at the office at 1pm
  3. Meet in the afternoon when the rain was supposed to have subsided
  4. Wear my warm and comfy boots that can't under any circumstances get wet
  5. Drive to our friend's suburban town and park at the train station vs trying to find parking in busy, crowded Basel downtown
  6. Bring my 1/2-Tax (public transportation card that allows you to buy half priced fare)
  7. Have a charged phone to take pictures and to reach the others in case you get lost in the crowds. Also use phone case as wallet vs bringing a purse
  8. Go on lots of rides (the kids)
  9. Sample tons of yummy fair food (everybody)
  10. Stay until late so we didn't have to make dinner upon coming home

This is how it went down:

  1. Husband did leave for the office while C and I were still in our PJ's. 
  2. Discovered his text message "train leaves at 1:34pm, please bring my boots." as we got out of the shower.
  3. Didn't trust weather forecast and put on reasonable, supposedly warm and water resistant shoes I had recently purchased but never worn so far. Remembered to pack his shoes, too. Took me an extra two minutes to find them, btw.
  4. Picked up nervous / grumpy husband shortly after 12:50pm
  5. Drove 33 miles (a 38 minutes' drive according to Google Maps.) Hubby purchased train tickets online
  6. Let husband and son jump out while looking for parking spot. Missed a turn and used wrong way ally. Noticed I only had 4 bucks in coins which allows you to leave your car until 4:30pm. No credit card option at parking meter
  7. Hustled to railway platform where friends were waving as train was arriving. Noticed I left my phone in the car, hooked up to charging cable, 1/2-Tax Card and two 20-bills IN the phone case, leaving me with one 20-bill in my jeans' back pocket. 
  8. Was now thoroughly annoyed for not being able to take pictures, for wearing shoes that were not warm and not comfy but at least water resistant which was necessary as the rain resumed.
  9. Paid for one fairground ride and two treats, otherwise freeloaded from husband and friends who had to raid the ATM in the middle of the afternoon. Worried about getting a parking ticket.
  10. All in all still managed to enjoy a good time. Fortunately the lady in the train missed checking our tickets, otherwise I would have gotten fined for not being able to produce my 1/2-Tax Card.

As I didn't get to take any pictures this year, here are some shots from the warm, dry and sunny day in 2015. It pretty much looks the same every year, only that the kids grow taller!

Is it just me or are your plans failing you as well? Tell me about it, below in comments or link up your own post using the linky-tool.

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