Top Ten Thursday - Thankful

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving! What else would we be doing today than talking about the Top Ten Things we are thankful for?

I wrote a post in 2013. Reviewing it today makes me realize I could basically copy and paste every word and re-post today, but where would be the challenge in that? 

Speaking of challenge, let me tell you a joke I got from Colin:

"What are the challenges you face while doing yoga? 5% focussing on breathing, 5% stretching your body, 5% being aware of your energy flow and 85% avoiding to fart."

Speaking of Colin, as I was tucking him in after a super busy day (we baked for the Christmas Tree Lightning, wrapped about a dozen presents for a charity event and went to hockey practice) I said to him I can't stay long, I still need to finish a post that is due tomorrow morning. "What's it about?" he asked. I told him. "I'll help you" he offered. Anything to avoid bedtime...

This is his list:

  1. Always having something to eat
  2. Having a son
  3. Living in a house
  4. Having clean water
  5. Getting a gift
  6. Getting another gift Playing with gadgets
  7. Getting yet another gift Being white so people don't hate you
  8. Farting Having access to education
  9. Listening to music
  10. Playing hockey

I could very well save and schedule this and go to sleep. 

I am pretty impressed. When did my son become so smart and considerate? #4, 7 and 8? WOW!

Since I've already begun working on my own list though, I'll go ahead and finish it (I can't believe I left out the food!!):

  1. Health - we take it for granted and complain when we get hit by the occasional cold or headache. Last week a vlogger's Mom died of lung cancer, she was only 58 years old an such a sweet person. Lots of people suffer from chronic illnesses. Every day we hear of people, even young children, who are getting sick, and we think it stinks, but there is nothing we can do apart from appreciating our own health and doing something to preserve it.
  2. Personal freedom - you know I crave and occasionally get and enjoy it! An amount of time to myself so I can go to the mall, have coffee and write.
  3. My hubby for taking me as I am and as my boss for giving me a part-time job that allows for some (see #2)
  4. My sweet son who makes me so proud. 
  5. Overall freedom as a Swiss citizen. This recent election and its aftermath in the U.S. reminded me of how privileged I am to live in a country that's not only neutral and peaceful but safe and stable. 5a: nature is moderate around here. No earthquakes, bush fires, flooding and the like. 
  6. Travel - Even though I was just saying how wonderful my country is, I am lucky to be able to travel to other, different places. 
  7. Music - it really enhances my mood many times.
  8. Appliances. This time last year my kitchen machine broke, and the repair took almost three weeks - that's a terribly long time when there are so many cookies, Grittibänze and other treats one wants to bake. Same goes for (dish) washer and drier. So grateful to have their loyal services to count on!
  9. Colin's wonderful teachers, daycare ladies, sports coaches and his new dentist. Yeah, we are seeing one to discuss braces. The two of them, Colin and the dentist, discovered a mutual passion for AC/DC!
  10. (New) friends - special shout-out to the "Bloggers in Switzerland" bunch!

It has been a while since I have seen this old friend here, so I enjoyed his video message that I'd like to share with you:

Your turn now: what are the things you are most grateful for? Share them below in the comment section or link up your own post.

What's next?

In an attempt to make plans work, let's do a Top Ten Holiday Checklist on December 1st. What are the things you absolutely want / need to do? Sign up for it here.

The week after I'd like you to sit down and listen to some Christmas music. Take notes and come back with your list of your Top Ten favourite Christmas songs! Sign up here.