Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf 2016, Week 3

Last week our Elf Cookie reminded us to decorate our miniature fake Christmas tree.

This morning she greeted us, sitting on our brand new kitchen machine. 

Didn't I just say how grateful I was to have certain appliances at my disposal?  #8 Appliances? The kitchen machine was one of them, and it looks like I spooked it. Just as I was getting started to knead some Grittibänz dough on Saturday morning, still in my PJs, it died on me. Again. I had to use my anger and muscle power to knead that dough by hand. 

Now in 2015 it took them three long weeks to fix my machine at the repair shop, and it ruined my whole holiday baking experience. 

Not again. On Thursday we were going to unveil our advent display at the office, and I had to bring baked goods! Hubby went "well, it's Christmas, get yourself a nice new machine, as long as you make that cast iron bread for me."

Gotta love his approach!

Not a problem! I did some research and ordered one with a large bowl. With large I mean I went from a machine that was able to process 500g flour which converts into 4 cups to the new one that is able to handle 1,500g = 12 cups!!!

The package was too bulky for my car's trunk. The package was too large to go on the backseat. Good thing I have a convertible. Colin's eyes went wide as I lowered the top. "But Mom! It's cold!"

I know - with any luck the top will fit back up ;-))) 

It did. With not a quarter inch to spare. Look at the beautiful walnut bread I made for our advent party!

Remember how Cookie thought the wrapped gifts we were going to donate were for her? Well, since they weren't she decided to go Christmas Shopping herself!

On Sunday we were attending a hockey game with Colin's friends' family. Our Elf was very clear about the fact that she expected to be taken as well - she was having so much fun the year before!

Who can say no to a friendly Elf? Not me. Before we were heading out we had something to take care of. As this was a family-friendly Sunday afternoon game they announced a Teddy Bear Toss, an initiative to encourage kids to part with some of their stuffed animals, so the hockey team  

When we got up the next morning, we spotted Cookie with a fox. What happened, did we forgot Mr Fox at home? "My sister wants him" hubby said. "I sent her the picture and asked if she wanted us to salvage some for her. She wanted the fox." Fair enough!

Up to this summer Colin has been very reluctant to learn how to swim. 

The jar unintentionally paved the way for me. 

The jar? His classroom jar. When kids achieved their weekly goals, hand in homework in time, etc. their teacher put a pebble into the jar. When it was almost full, they got to decide on a reward. Usually they liked to watch a movie or have ice cream. 

This summer, most kids wanted to go to the pool. "Shoot" he told me "I think I am the only one who can't swim..."

That's what got the ball rolling. Intensive training during one summer break week, and Monday nights ever since. This week he got his seahorse badge, meaning he passed the first two levels. Yay!

Cookie was guarding that badge all night - and day - long!

Time for coffee after a long night! She got her hands on some rare Starbucks Reserve® Christmas Coffee a blend of aged Sumatra and Latin American beans.

Remember how Cookie gently reminded us to get our Christmas Tree decorated? Looks like she approved!

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