Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf 2016, Week 4

Cookie, our Elf had a busy week, she went Christmas shopping, attended a hockey game, helped Colin celebrating his swim class badge,..

Let's see what this week brought!

Like for anybody else, December is a busy time for us. Our social calendar was fully booked even before the month began, and looking back today I am happy to say we got to do almost all of the things we wanted to! 

One was visiting the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck. After Colin's playdate with his hockey buddy (and my ultimate hour of freedom) we went to a town I am not familiar with. 

It was dark, it was cold, it was foggy, and I was very grateful to have a navigation system. We eventually made it! 

The next day Cookie and Coca-Cola Santa were sharing a Coke and looking at Colin's and my picture:

After a two weeks' break - due to large companies renting the whole arena for their holiday party - we were finally back to practice. My former coworker, the hockey team's junior leagues manager, was there to hand out treats.

He also told me that Colin had 2/3 votes to make the cut for the team. The one missing was due to his skating skills. Even though he has been making visible progress it is still not up to their expectations. 

"Here's what you need to do" my friend told me. "You invest in some good quality skates, the ones you keep renting are rubbish, plus you urge him to practice to skate. No stick, no puck, just skating."

All right then... Off to the Bauer store we went... Our little guy is now officially the family member wearing the most expensive "shoes"!!! 

His smile makes it all worth it, though, right?

He even met a girl!

OF COURSE Cookie spent the night in one of the skates ;-)

Gerber scooooores! (insert Charge Stadium Organ Theme

And Cookie and her skate drop to the floor, pardon, ice...

Hockey practice makes an Elf hungry, so she raided our candy stash

Industrial candy didn't quite satisfy her sweet tooth, though. She found a list that Colin made. A list with international food items. "What's a typical snack in Italy? What's an Austrian dessert?" he kept asking. 

That's how he learned about churros. 

As Cookie coincidentally learned there was a churros stand at the Zurich Christmas Market.

We ended up not making it to the market. Traffic, hair appointment, homework and sushi dinner were to blame. 

So we'll be looking for a Latino restaurant that serves churros all year round. If you're local, your suggestions are welcome!

Cookie definitely got her name because she likes sweets. Look at her, having a party with her M&M friends!

After a lot of shopping, laundring, cleaning up and generally working hard, our living room is almost ready for Christmas Eve!

Cookie made friends with musical monkey (he's got a USB cable you connect to your computer, and he dances to the music you play!) They seem to be listening to Christmas songs. Which are your top ten, by the way? Here's some inspiration.

Thank you for being part of this year's Elf fun! Cookie may or may not prolong her stay - depending on Colin's enthusiasm. He's been so busy he barely seemed to notice her some days.Like always on Friday I'm linking up my Elf post on ShaRhonda's blog The 4-Crow's - head over there for updates!

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at your house? What has (s)he been up to? Leave me a comment below. Also check out my Pinterest board if you're looking for more Elf inspiration!