Top Ten Thursday - Blog Review

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Before the beginning of this new chapter called 2017, we are using the last Top Ten Thursday of this year to talk about our blog in 2016: what were the highlights, be it specific posts, goals reached, achievements made,..? 

Well, apart from my usual Friday challenges Secret Subject Swap and Use Your Words and the recent Elf on the Shelf posts this is what I have been up to this year: 

  1. The year started with my trying something new:  "10 minutes writing prompts": Dressed inappropriately, part 1 and 2
  2. In February a couple of friends and I made a special birthday cake for IKEA 

  3. I got an opportunity to do a sponsored post in March: A major Swiss supermarket chain sent me some tickets to cover a special day over at the Europa Park in Rust, Germany. Thanks to their sharing it became my most popular post ever.
  4. My SBUX friend sent me a short-term invitation to her wedding in Seattle, WA - it collided with the start of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and I had a lot of organising and coordinating to do (flights, childcare, laundry,...9, but I decided to turn the timing into an opportunity to actually blog about my trip! It was such a nice time traveling on my own, meeting friends and blogging on the go.
  5. I became a member of the Bloggers in Switzerland group. We share posts, support each other and try to meet for coffee once a month (never mind if I only made it once so far). It has been increasing traffic on my blog in general, and it caused me to use Instagram and Pinterest more.
  6. One of the friends within this group, Louise, runs THIS LIFE; an online magazine for Expats ins Switzerland for which I submitted two posts: 25 Things to do around Zurich on a rainy day  and Happy Halloween - a bunch of food and craft ideas for the occasion. 
  7. Through Rachel, another Swiss blogging friend and founder of the group, I found A 'lil HohHaa's Photo Blog ChallengeMy first post was Outside the Box, but my favourite so far has been Baseball because it was pretty much about everything BUT Baseball.
  8. In June I launched Top Ten Thursday, a weekly top ten list of random topics and contributors like With Love, Pamela & Ken's Days of Fun, The Bergham Chronicles and Last Rain Girl
  9. I celebrated my 4 year blogversary! Who would have thought I was gonna make it this far!
  10. By the end of 2016 I will have published 139 posts (almost 430 in total). It's been a good blogging year!

How about you? Are you a reader? Discovered any cool new blogs? Are you blogging yourself? What are your highlights? Please share them in the comments below and / or link up!

The first Top Ten Thursday of 2017 will be on January 5, and you knew this was coming, right? Top Ten New Year's Resolutions! If you don't make those, Top Ten Wishes or Plans for 2017. Anything to reflect this brand new year!

After this we are taking a break from Top Ten Thursday in favour of 20 Days of Chill, the writing challenge I am participating in this January.

The next Top Ten Thursday will take place on February 2nd, and I'd like to put together the Top Ten Things (not) to do if friends of yours are breaking up.