Village Walk-Through Advent Calendar

My blogger friend Mandy over at With Love asked for a post about our Village Walk-Through Advent Calendar I announced as one of many of our Holiday activities. 


This is how it works at our town:

Every other year, December 1st - 24, a family or a business decorates their window and reveals it on their assigned day. Actually night. Well, 6pm definitely feels like nighttime in winter. Most offer some snacks, and it's a nice, yet cold, get together. 

I think (this is just my own guess) this tradition started because all of the old-ish houses that were built in the last millennium. They had wooden shutters which of course remind you of the little windows you get to open on your cardboard calendar each day:

I love what the bakeries do with their shutters during the Holiday season:

And then there's what our neighbours down the street did this year:

This is what their house looks like at night. We don't get many buildings that are decorated this nicely! It makes me smile every time I drive by!

Back to our town's advent calendar. When I started at hubby's company in 2012, I signed us up. This is what our "Winter Olympics" office window looked like:

Two years later we had ourselves a fabulous desktop fireplace to keep us warm!

If you try and look closely you can see a funicular going up and down on your right hand side.

This year I discovered those lovely "Tree Lamps" and went for a simple winter wonderland. A couple of deer decided to join us.

What else was out there?

Colin's Elementary School sang "Santa Claus is coming to town" while this window was being lit.

Picture by my Mom

Nativity scene at another family's house. 

A friendly family put together this awesome snowman! The unveiling was on a night I couldn't attend. Remember: Monday: swim class, Tuesday: youth gym, Wednesday: hockey practice,...

Picture by my Mom

Another friendly family once made a number 17 out of empty jars they filled with lamps. Now, come what may, every other year on Dec 17 they book their turn!

We got to meet their new fancy fireplace oven

Number 20 was the last one we were able to attend. We got to know a "new" family at this neighbourhood. They moved here two years ago, so it was about time!

This is what the gathering usually looks like. High quality phone picture, you're welcome ;-)

Even though it requires time, money and personal effort, I like this tradition, and I guess we'll be back in 2018!