20 Days of Chill - Booze and Bongos

Day 9 of A 'lil HooHaa's 20 Days of Chill!

Today's prompt is 

Booze and Bongos

Oh my goodness, this prompt makes me feel old! I associate those words with a beach party in Brazil, probably following a carnival parade. Girls in skimpy bikinis - if any - long hair and pouty lips surrounded by hot guys with six-pack abs and passionate eyes. Samba is being played, and Caipirinhas are being slurped, everybody is rollicking.

So not my scene. If I was in that scene I'd probably be the DJ. Or the bartender. 

Even though as a teenager I liked to attend our little private partiesI'm not your typical party girl. These days I'm more the party planner / facilitator. We have St. Patrick's Day, Birthday and Halloween parties at our house for which I go to great lengths to make sure everything is gonna be fabulous. 

Sometimes I think I'm not even properly able to let my hair down and have a good time. 

Well, depending of the definition of a good time. 

The other day, actually it was "Three Kings Day", January 6, my son Colin was still enjoying his school break, therefore I was exceptionally off work, so I decided to bake a home made Three Kings Day Bread. I think this is something unique to Switzerland, so I am quickly gonna tell you about it:

In one of the eight rolls around the middle piece there is a tiny plastic king hiding. The person who *finds it, gets to be king for a day and wear a golden crown.

*finding, adult version = take a random piece, secretly hoping NOT to find the king
*finding, children's version = poking, prodding, knocking for clues on several all the pieces 

As my dough was rising, Colin's best friend called and invited him over for a playdate. I said I would drop in at snack time and actually bring snacks. Snacks being the freshly baked bread and a miniature bottle of prosecco - my Christmas gift to my friend, Colin's friend's Mom, that was still waiting in the fridge for its opportunity.

That day was the perfect opportunity! My hubby at work, her hubby out for a walk with the dog, the boys playing peacefully, and the two of us enjoying some bubbly, some kings bread...

...and a good laugh:

Totally my idea of having a good time!

Now, all those cakes, steaks and glasses of wine made my body pay the price. My weight today is higher than when I was nine months pregnant. 

This is bad, this is a disaster. 

Things got tremendously out of control. I need to kill millions and millions of calories. Maybe I could go in for some liposuction and make somebody else pay for it? 

Apologies. I got carried away. Too many friends are ranting about this press conference the Donald was holding, so I went ahead and created a BS Bingo template. Feel free to play!

From this Bozo let's go back to Booze and Bongos. 

I have a plan. 

I pledge to do without chocolate, cake and wine for the month of January. Actually, since I splurged on January 6 let's extend it to February 6. Plus I will work out. I started this Monday. For those who don't know me, this is huge! Pretty proud of myself. 

I even made some healthy breakfast. Not a fan of the oats, though. If only Nutella wasn't so yummy...

It gets better. As this post goes live I'll be back at the gym. Wish me luck!

Providing I survive, I'll post again tomorrow, the prompt being "San Francisco", one of my favourite places, ever! Don't tell anyone, I haven't written a word yet. So far I had been doing nicely. Writing and scheduling ahead was wonderful. Made me feel so accomplished. Now I need to go day by day and hope for some quiet time during the weekend. 

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