20 Days of Chill - Cheese

Day 16 of A 'lil HooHaa's 20 Days of Chill!

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When visiting Zurich, Switzerland don't miss out on doing something cheesy, literally speaking. Raclette and Fondue are our major cheese specialties. 

In case you're not familiar with them, let me explain:

Fondue is completely melted cheese. It comes in a pot that you share with your party. Everyone dips their piece of bread into the cheese. 

Raclette is melted, but still kind of gooey cheese that you eat with steamed potatoes and pickles. You either use little cheese slices that you put into individual pans 

or you put the whole cheese wheel underneath a special heating device.

While you can find restaurants that specialize in Fondue and Raclette in every city, in my opinion the real deal is being served in the mountains. 

Imagine it's cold, there is a ton of snow, you've been skiing for hours... Then you enter a cozy cabin and enjoy some warm cheese and a glass of wine. Or two.

Unfortunately no snow at this local place, picture taken in October

Baby, it was still cold outside, though!

There you have it! If you want to see how many cheese varieties a typical Swiss cheese store offers, head over to this post.

I hope you enjoyed eating cheese with me today. Please also visit my cheesy colleagues and be sure to check back tomorrow for some dreams!