20 Days of Chill - Dreams

Day 17 of A 'lil HooHaa's 20 Days of Chill!

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If I had to pick one of this month's 20 topics to write not only a blog post but a book about - it would be this one. I'm a dreamy person when I'm awake. Not so much at night because sleep and I aren't best friends. If I do have night dreams I usually just remember fragments that don't make sense like

  • I rented a bike and forgot where I was supposed to return it
  • I drive (or I am the passenger), and we get in trouble like we can't stop
  • I meet people I haven't been in touch with in forever

There was this special dream many years ago that I can still recall as if it was a movie. I already blogged about it a while ago, so the text and the pictures below are just copy / paste from the original post:

I walk in a forest. It is a gorgeous spring day. Blue skies, birds are chirping, the water in the creek is gurgling gently, squirrels are running around, everything is really nice and peaceful, you get the picture. 

I am alone, but along the way I keep meeting other hikers, and we exchange a couple of words. Some mention that it is not recommended to cross the bridge to the other side to the river.

Of course the next thing I do is crossing the bridge. On the other side everything is totally different. Cold temperatures, no more greens - only fallen and petrified trees. And rocks. Everything is grey. Wasteland, sort of.

The cheerful creek is now a torrential river, and the whole atmosphere is really distressing. But I am too stubborn to turn around and go back to the other side. I don't know where I am going, but I am going. 

As if my heart wasn't pounding enough before - all of a sudden a grey wolf stands directly in front of me. I almost faint. I never had a dog, and I can relate to cats better. What am I gonna do about the wolf? Surely he can smell that I am afraid. Is he going to attack and maul me?

The wolf approaches me. I can't move. Then he nudges me and walks away. I stand still, transfixed. He comes back and nudges me again. Makes some growling sounds. How scary!! After a while I get the feeling he is not going to hurt me, so I hesitatingly follow him. 

There is no more path. Just rocks. And the water race. I realize I am so lost, and I have no other chance than to follow the wolf and hope for the best. When I stand still for a minute he gets back and circles me. Then we proceed.

After a while the environment gets friendlier. We are back on a trail, there are some trees, the river has calmed down, and it's getting warmer again. From the distance I can see a log cabin. Some people are there. 

Upon getting closer I realize they are not just any people - they're old friends from school whom I haven't seen in years, but who are still familiar. The wolf has taken me home! I turn around and want to thank him. But he is gone.

This dream left me so unsettled that I went to see a dream interpreter. A year after I packed up and left the country to chase a real life dream. 15 years later while on vacation in Canada we came across a creek that felt like the one I crossed in my dream, which was a spiritual experience.
What are your night or day dreams? 

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PS: Here's a musical treat: Olivia Newton John & John Farnham, Dare to Dream! It was performed at the 2000 summer olympics opening ceremony in Sydney.