20 Days of Chill - I found a ball

Day 4 of A 'lil HooHaa's 20 Days of Chill!

Today's prompt is 

I found a ball

Kiss me - I'm Frog King!

The ball is in your court.

Grow some balls!

Foul Ball!

He's having a ball. She's having a ball, We're all having a ball.

There are lots of balls out there. I feel pucks are being neglected in this world.

I found a ball 

I picked it up cause somebody else dropped it. 

Sometimes it feels like the story of my life. Am I being punished for being reliable and trustworthy? Is it so hard for people to commit to something and follow through? Why?

"Life happens" is such a convenient excuse. I feel it's true on very few occasions. All the other times it's
  • Bad or no planning at all - In times of smart phones and computers, use the calendar function, don't double book and leave the house early.
  • Forgetfulness - I know I've got a Mommy Brain on my own. That'd why I write stuff down.
  • Something better came along, please be honest and own up to what you're (not) willing to do, I know your time is valuable to you - and it is to me, too. I don't like to wait around.
  • They didn't intend to do it in the first place but didn't want to decline in order to appear "nice" - Guess what, it's ruder to mislead and forsake people than to tell them "I'l see what I can do, no promises, though."
  • The Donald Syndrome (hahaha, I just invented this term, and I like it. It means people are only interested in themselves and don't care about others) I guess there's nothing you can do about that. We're not going to be friends. 
Here's an interesting article explaining why certain people tend to be flaky and what do do about it. 

If you like also read this article on simplifying your family's routine there are some valuable tips.

While I'm ranting...

I'm also not a fan of people who 
  • take advantage of other people's generosity and kindness
  • claim ideas their own when they actually stole them
  • flat out lie in order to get what they want
  • think they know everything better
  • shameless self-promoters
In those online Mommy forums, I keep observing the same pattern when people ask questions, especially when they're asking for recommendations. Here's an example. 

Mom #1 (a stay at home Mom) who - in addition to her own - usually looks after two kids, ages 4 and 9, after school. For the upcoming 2 weeks of winter break she got hired to do activities with them on 3 consecutive days, between 8am and 6pm. 

Mom #2 (a full time working Mom)  = the client told Mom #1 she wanted her kids to have a good time, to get out there, not to sit at home watching TV. She's paying for outings, meals, etc. 

So Mom #1's question to the FB Mommy group was: what do you guys usually do, where should I go, what should I do with those kids?

Answer from Moms #3, 4, 17, 29, 364,...
  • Hey, I tell my kids to play in their rooms
  • I have sh** to do, laundry, gorceries, meals, I can't be the kids' entertainer 24/7
  • Don't put up with that sh**, who does she think she is? 
  • Typical working Mom, she has no clue how exhausting it is to be around the kids every day, all day long
  • Those kids sound mighty spoiled
  • What does she think you are, a fun cruise line? 
Ladies, she asked for ideas like indoor playgrounds, museums, ice rinks, scavenger hunts, zoos, etc. - Nobody asked whether or not you agree with Mom #2, and we don't need to hear about how hard you think you have it! 

Apologies, I am not usually that negative. It had to be said though. Now head over to the other bloggers and see what balls they found!