20 Days of Chill - Philadelphia

As I announced, I am participating in A 'lil HooHaa's 20 Days of Chill - so I will post every week day in January about random topics. 

Today's prompt is 


Linda startled. She wasn't even aware she had fallen asleep. What was that noise? It came from down the street. Grinding, grating, dragging sounds. There it was again. Scary.

Should she get up to try and see what was going on down there? 

Was she even able to get up on her own? Should she call a nurse? Wouldn't that be kind of ridiculous? 

She should mind her own business. Linda grabbed her phone. 3:58 am. She should go back to sleep. Her new baby was going to wake her up soon enough.

Her baby. 

Linda couldn't quite wrap her head around it. It really happened. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little son. 

There was the sound again, kind of rattling. It was a vehicle, she was pretty sure about that. Why did it make such a strange noise, though? Now it was backing up. Beep-beep-beep. Off it went again, almost as if it was scratching the surface of the street.

Her mind took her back to the moment they first handed her that little human being, slightly  shrivelled, blue-ish fingers and toes, otherwise pink skin, blood sticking to the fine hair on his head. 

Everyone told her there would be violins playing and angels singing, and she would be deliriously happy about the most beautiful baby on the planet.

Something must be wrong with her because she was just exhausted and glad it was over. Wouldn't anybody be after so many hours of labor that almost ended up being in vain cause at some point the doc said "let's prep her for a c-section".

Should she have gone along? Who was she to determine nobody was going to cut anybody open now. Not after all the hard work she put in? 

This was not a project at the office. She had no medical training or judgement. What if something had gone wrong? Her baby might not have gotten enough oxygen? 

Well, judging from the set of lungs he was just proving of having, he was doing more than fine. How can a little creature cry so loudly? Come here, little guy, I bet you're hungry, let's see if we got this down.

Photo Credit: Ed Fisher

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Later today there's going to be a Secret Subject Swap post, and with that I wish you all a very nice first weekend in 2017! Be sure to come back on Monday for more Chill! We'll be talking about nicknames.