20 Days of Chill - Photograph

As I announced, I am participating in A 'lil HooHaa's 20 Days of Chill - so I will post every week day in January about random topics. 

Today's prompt we got is 


All righty. 

I like to take pictures, and I take lots of them. I love to capture special (even ordinary) moments.

I would do so even if I wasn't blogging. I guess it's in my DNA. My Mom is a huge photographer. She made herself quite a name over the years. People are getting married? A new baby is born? There is an official event taking place at our town? They call my Mom to cover it. 

I don't have her eye, her talent or her equipment. I don't know a thing about focal length, shutter speed, exposure, ISO etc. 

Most times I don't even bother to haul my real camera and just snap phone pictures. Shame on me.

I also do some video taping.

Probably my most photographed subject is my son and all the activities we do, followed by food. You can't gain weight just by looking at a picture of a donut, right?

Just a couple (can you see how well P. J. Hammer trained me? There are five pictures! Five!) of random shots I took these last dew days:

A cool Christmas gift: Tetris lamp. You can arrange the individual pieces as you please - as long as they're all connected, the light is on! Did you enjoy playing Tetris? I was an addict!!! 

We went to see "Sing" at the movies. I liked it. Kind of a 2010s version of Fame, Flashdance, Chorus Line and the like. Right up my alley. On our way in we met Batman.

Our special wine on NYE: straight from Wayne Gretzky's Estate Winery Got it from the wonderful Canadian Store. It came in a nice gift pack, one white Chardonnay and one red Cabernet Merlot, both very nice. As a bonus they've attached a puck signed by #99, the Great one.

Home made Dinner for One, actually there were five of us. Is Dinner for One popular outside of Europe?

My "living room office" today as I'm writing this. Had to escape hubby's mood he's in when he's filing his stacks and stacks of documents and cleaning up cr**

PS: What good is a limit of five if you can't show a bonus picture...? Two nights before publishing day we got some snow and we've been living in winter wonderland! Is this pretty or what?

So what about you? Were you a Tetris player? Do you watch Dinner for one every NYE? Are you a picture taker?

Thanks for dropping by - see you tomorrow! The topic will be "I found a ball". If you have a minute, also check out my blogger mates' contributions!