20 Days of Chill - White

Day 18 of A 'lil HooHaa's 20 Days of Chill!

Today's prompt is 


I hope you enjoyed eating cheese with me yesterday. 

Today we're doing some Q&A, allright?

Don't spend much time thinking about your answers, they're pretty straightforward. Here are my questions:

  • Official residence and principal workplace of the U.S. President?
  • Minor mistruth?
  • Sounds for sleep or relaxation?
  • Other name for navy bean?
  • Meeting / school classroom surface to write on using erasable markers?

How did you do? The hardest part is over. Only a few more easy ones:
  • What color does the bride usualy wear?
  • Ideally what color do your teeth have?
  • The knight in shining armor rides what horse?
  • Shaving cream is what color?
  • What's the color of snow?

You're doing great! Almost done! Final question - quick!
  • What does the cow drink?

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Allright, did you fall for it?

Please also visit my colleagues to find out what white stuff they've come up and be sure to check back tomorrow to talk about popularity.