Express Yourself

January's theme is "Express Yourself", of course reminding me of a Madonna song!

Just - we're supposed to take pictures reflecting how we've been expressing ourselves...

As for me I was typing words all month long so I didn't get out much to take pictures. 

Here's my idea: 

"You are what you eat" they like to say. 

Some also seem to are what they drive, something or other. And then there are the proud parents who sport a baby stick figure and the name of their little one at the rear window of their car. 

Then there are the creative ones who display their whole family.

Dad likes to BBQ

I took this palm tree picture in California, so it's not techincally brand new

This one is my own, and it's been taken earlier this month

We always have our Office Christmas Dinner in January. 
This is what one of our company cars looked like as we were ready to go home late at night!


That's it for this month. More to come on the blog soon!

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