February's theme is "Love"

Unfortunately I didn't had the opportunity to travel to five locations that display a LOVE sculpture. 

Photo Source

If I had, though, these would have been my choices:

  • Philadelphia
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco
  • Singapore
  • Lisbon

So at first I was gonna use pictures of flowers, chocolate hearts, pink jewellery and purses. But that felt lame. Also I just posted about Valentine's Day anyway. Instead this is what I'm going with:

Five things I loved about this month.

1. I spent a day at the mall with my son who is a sushi lover. Our favourite sushi restaurant provides a screen for every seat from which you get to order your food or play games. This is what popped up every couple of minutes, a heart shaped rainbow roll!

2. It was my husband's birthday, and he managed to join us for hockey practice for the only time this season. He was pretty proud of his son's progress.

3. One of my contact lenses had a tear, and I had to take it to the optician's. On my way I saw THIS, perfect for those who want to cut back to just one glass ;-)

4. Meanwhile THIS is what I have been up to, original Aerobics from the 1980s!

5. At the children's carnival parade Colin found his soul mate

That's it for this month, 
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