Top Ten Thursday - Movie Review

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

After covering a difficult subject of friends breaking up last week, let's do something lighter today:

Little did I know that I was going to get a movie prompt for this month's secret subject swap: What book have your read that you know would make an awesome movie? As it turned out pretty much every book that I like has already been used to shoot a film!!

Here's the movie I picked for today's post - it may or may not come as a surprise:

It's probably my all time favourite. My then boyfriend and I went to watch it as soon as it came out in Switzerland. I remember we were sitting at our favourite pasta bar asking the waiter for a movie theater program. "We'd like to watch when Harry met Sally but we're not sure if it is playing yet" we told him. For some reason he was super confused. "Who is Harry?" he asked. "I'm not sure I can help you if you want to meet a friend at the movies..."

In the meantime I have been watching it so many times on DVD, I could probably write down a summary about a hundred pages worth ;-)

So here are ten things that make me wonder...

  1. If Sally and Amanda are such good friends, why doesn't Sally even get out of her car to hug her friend goodbye? After all she's moving to New York City, leaving her best friend behind?
  2. Sally, organised as she is, brought a map and figured out after how many hours / miles they should take breaks and switch places. She said it was an 18 hours' trip. Now I don't know if between the late 1970s and today they built any new Interstates or if traffic actually decreased (haha), but today, Goolge Maps says, you may get from Chicago to NYC in less than 12 hours. 790 miles on I-90 and I-80, voil√†!
  3. I took the time to actually write down Sally's Apple Pie à la Mode order: This is her first choice: Heated pie, strawberry ice cream, fresh whipped cream. Second choice: pie, not heated, plain.
  4. Harry moved to NYC and he brought a large-ish bag, a duffel bag and his baseball bat! Guys?!?!?
  5. Of the businesses occurring in the movie some currently still exist: United Airlines, New York Magazine, Katz's Delicatessen while others didn't make it: the Sharper Image (no more retail stores), Shakespeare & Co. I understand their closing the store after a Barnes and Noble opened nearby, inspired Nora Ephron for her next movie "you've got mail". (there is still a store at a different location)
  6. "The clock doesn't really start to click until you're 36" - well, don't kid yourself now. The first couple of articles Google came up with are talking about women's fertility peaking at their mid twenties. Sorry, Sally. I experienced first hand that trying to conceive in my mid thirties was no walk in the park.
  7. I was wondering who actually played against the New York Giants while Harry told his friend Jesse about Helen's moving out, thank God for my friend Eli who knew right away: "Those are the Detroit Lions."
  8. Harry likes his coffee "industrial strength" while Sally's at-the time boyfriend Julian asked for decaf. (Pictionary scene) Doesn't that speak volumes about what kind of guys they are?
  9. "I'll have what she was having" the lady at the Deli is producer Rob Reiner's Mom. Obviously the Katz team put up a plaque above the table where the fake orgasm scene was being filmed.
  10. Two things I don't get even after watching the movie for the gazillionth time: a) why is Sally wearing a black dress to her friend's wedding and b) why does Harry think Sally is "the dog"?


Your turn now: what are things that surprise you in your favourite movie?

What's up next Thursday, February 16? I can't help it but I feel we need to talk about Valentine's Day: why do you love (or hate or simply ignore) it, what are your top ten thoughts on Valentine's Day?

The week after, February 23rd, we are going to post our top ten things that help us to get motivated to work out, to clean up, to do whatever it takes in order to achieve our goals.