Top Ten Thursday - Valentine's Day

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

After talking about breaking up and romantic movies last week we're here to discuss February 14 today

I'm pretty conflicted about Valentine's Day. 

On one hand I like the thought of taking out one day of the whole year that is dedicated to celebrate love and romance. 

A word to those who say "I don't need a special day to buy you flowers to tell you I love you, I can do so all year long!" 

Well? How many guys do you personally know who occasionally drop into a flower shop to pick up some roses?

On the other hand I think it's discriminating against those who don't have a romantic person in their lives. 

Plus expectations and reality usually collide dramatically.

This is of course from the female viewpoint. We expect:
  1. Romance
  2. Surprise
  3. Glitter
  4. Spark
  5. Sweetness

Have you seen the Bachelor? A proposal at the starlight room sounds about right. 

The beach would be fantastic, too. More imporant than the location is to find the right words, though, right, Chris O'Donnell's character?

What realistically happens (probably for both parties):
  1. Pressure
  2. Stress
  3. Budget Bust
  4. Consumerism
  5. Disappointment 

Guys (I know, I have sooo many male readers...), if you're looking for ideas:
It really doesn't take much. Everybody can't rent a plane with a message. Cook for us, do the dishes, take over the kids' betime routine... If you don't wanna do it on Feb 14 you may pick the other 364 days of the year ;-)

Your turn now: 
what are things that you (dis)like about Valentine's Day?
Leave a comment below or link up your own post!

What's up next Thursday, February 23? We are sticking our heads together to find motivation to do those things that are important to us - but so very hard to do!

The week after, March 2nd, it's my birthday! You may list the top ten things you're shipping to me. Kidding. 

I'd like to do the following, and I'd love for you to join in:

Create a vision board (physically on a board or a piece of paper or simply in a collage on your computer, or ten individual pictures or descriptions) and present the top ten featured things on your blog! Can't wait for that one! Sign up here.

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