Fondue at Engelberg Igloo Village

Today hubby finally got to find out what his birthday surprise was going to be!

Several weeks ago I had made reservations at one of the Igloo Resorts. We went to Engelberg which is closest to us, about a 75 minutes' drive if all goes well.

When I checked the weather forecast it said it was going to be clouded, with a chance of snow later in the day.

Well, it did look more than promising already on our gondola ride up!

Clouded? Could this sky be any bluer? 

Dad, how come your snowballs are so compact and mine keep falling apart?

I had to stop and take a picture every couple of steps. 

This is where we were going to have lunch. Later.

But since those desk chairs were literally calling our name... we had to respond!

Trübsee is situated at 1,800 meters (= almost 6,000 feet) at the Titlis mountain. 

Thanks to this wonderful sunshine it was really warm, and the guys weren't happy I forced them to wear long johns. But hey, the igloo people told me to be prepared for temps around freezing point?!

See? Icicles!

Nobody wanted to take a seat on this bench either!

We walked around the frozen and snow-covered Trübsee. Colin is getting into a pre-teenager "phase" (please tell me it's a phase!) and started whining about the boring walk, and he was hungry, and how long till we get there?

Mom brought apple slices, carrot sticks and crackers. No whining!!!

Almost there!

Get your drinks at the Igloo Bar and go take a seat!

Yes, outside!

Epic Cheese Fondue!

Why is he wearing his glasses over his sunglasses? Obviously it's better this way than the other way around?!

A peak inside the Fondue Igloo. Very cozy for those not so nice days - and evenings!

It was a fantastic day! Kind of makes me want to visit all of the other igloo villages. At certain times they even show you the rooms - yes, the igloo rooms where you get to spend the night!

For people who are more sporty and / or adventurous there are lots of activities besides skiing: rent a snowmobile, try snow-tubing or practice your jumping technique at the Air2Bag!