Top Ten Thursday - Crazy Things

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Let's talk about all the

Crazy Things

we've been doing in our lives. Well, not all of them. Just the top ten ;-) Like stayed at a hotel in your own town, baked Christmas cookies in June or left rain gear at home despite 100% chance of precipitation!

This is going to be hard. I like my comfort zone and therefore avoid getting myself in trouble.  

But let's see what I can come up with:
  1. Got into a pissing contest with my fifth grade teacher. We were supposed to write our essays in cursive, but I preferred block letters. Got As for content, Fs for hand writing. Every single time.
  2. During a college "field trip" in Paris I snuck off alone - to explore!
  3. Went to see a dream interpreter about that wolf dream.
  4. Moved to the U.S. with no Green Card and not much of a chance of getting one.
  5. Booked us into a local hotel for a hot shower
  6. Signed up for our women's charity board and actually served a full four years' term, three of which under the chief.
  7. Went shopping in my PJs.
  8. Underwent hypnosis in order to sleep better. Don't think it had a great effect on my sleep, but it was an interesting experience I can only recommend.
  9. Had my hair analyzed to find out about potential deficits in calcium, magnesium and the like. 
  10. Started this blog with no idea where it was going to take me. 462 posts later I still don't have much of a clue but I'm enjoying the ride!

Your turn now: what crazy things have you done?

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This may sound morbid, but the week after, March 23, I'd like us to list the top ten things we want to happen after we pass away. Organ donation, song requests for the funeral, our partner getting re-married eventually, whatever comes to mind. Sign-up here.

Unfortunately this has been on my mind for a reason, and I may blog about it in a separate post.

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