Top Ten Thursday - Resolutions Review

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Last week we had a deep discussion about our final wishes, today let's move on and look ahead! How have we been doing on our New Year's Resolutions? 

Here's what I had committed to:
  1. Lose weight! 10kg would be great, 15 even better. That's 20 - 30 pounds. I don't worry too much about weight (even though I'm probably where I was when I was pregnant, ouch, but I worry about not fitting into my fat jeans anymore.) 
  2. Eat no chocolate, no cookies, no cake and drink no wine for at least the month of January
  3. Get some exercise, even it it's just walking
  4. Keep up the purging, I need to file my 2016 (and while I'm at it, 2015,...)
  5. Volunteer at our village's activity society. I signed up to do a scavenger hunt for their 15 years' anniversary convention
  6. If something won't have a place to live, I won't purchase it. Did you hear that, IKEA?
  7. Spend less time on social media. Geez the time I'm gonna save!
  8. Speaking of saving. This is the year I need to drastically cut spending money!
  9. Simplify chores in favour of more me-time for writing
  10. Breathe

Now let's take a hard look at the reality:

  1. To my own surprise I'm halfway there, and I am super happy about that!
  2. Actually I found out that dark chocolate is OK. I made avocado brownies and chocolate zucchini bread that I enjoy in tiny portions!
  3. OMG I've been doing so well! Monday: Zumba, Thursday: Personal Training, Saturday: Fat Burning Aerobics
  4. Not much going on in the purging department :-( Piles are still hanging out on my desk. Actually I pushed them right to the edge, they are not safe, somebody should come and rescue them!
  5. Attended the board meeting just this week. I have some general ideas, it's going to be fun. As it isn't taking place until mid-May, I won't have to start right away (busy month of April ahead: A - Z Blogging Challenge, you know!)
  6. Did somebody say IKEA? I got some pillow cases. Red ones for Valentine's (and Christmas), green ones for St. Patrick's Day. They don't take up much space, I promise.
  7. With all the time I spent working out and chopping veggies I definitely missed an hour or two of facebooking. Didn't really miss much though, I guess.
  8. Now those veggies don't come cheap. Also I needed some workout gear. Otherwise I did OK.
  9. I didn't have nearly enough me-time to write which is too bad because I wanted to write ahead every A - Z post. I do have 12, so that's a start.
  10. My new Apple Watch is reminding me to breathe twice a day. No joke!!! Today, just as I was focusing on my breathing, the oven timer went off, and I had to look after our dinner. Later I discovered that the watch said something like "you got interrupted. Want to breathe again?"

That comes up to an average score of 5. Considering there were some tough goals I am happy with that!

How about you? You did you do these first +/- 100 days in 2017? On track? Derailed? Re-evaluating? Let me know in the comments down below or link up your own post using the link-tool.

This was the last post for the next couple of weeks. Some of us are going to be super busy posting every day (except Sundays) for the A - Z Blogging Challenge. 
Even though I have a couple of posts written ahead, I'd still like to take a break from Top Ten Thursday during that time. 

So we will be back on Thursday, May 4, and we'll talk about the top ten things that today's kids should learn at school - besides the usual math, reading and writing. I'd like to go more along the lines of life skills, stuff that will matter. Here's the sign-up.

The week after, on May 11, which is very close to Mother's Day, we'll do something motherly, alright? For those who are Moms I'd like you to reflect on how your role has been shifting as your kid(s) grew older. Top ten obvious or surprising changes. For those who have a Mom, list the top ten things she did for you which you are grateful! If both apply, up to you to choose. Do both?! Sign up here!

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