Top Ten Thursday - Vision Board

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Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Last week we really got motivated to tackle our goals, so let's see what journey we're embarking! Let's make a

Vision Board

Up to a couple of weeks ago I have never heard of vision boards, but once I did, - and it was my FB buddy Brooke who brought it up - I was immediately hooked by the idea! Here's an example on how to make one. 

I also liked this one. In the second part this YouTuber is talking about an exercise called "current me vs future me", check it out!

In an attempt of decreasing clutter I unsubscribed of every magazine and catalogue that used to come into this house. So I was using my own digital pictures, Google images and 123rf to put together my virtual top ten vision board items:

(In no particular order)

1. Freedom
Passport, Credit Card, WIFI, let's go! To be able to travel and explore the world is probably my greatest inspiration in life, and I'm OK to cut back in other areas.  

2. Events
I used this picture of the green Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day, but my chapter certainly includes Halloween and Christmas time with all the magic included (Elf on the Shelf) - these special times during the year make my otherwise rather dull days and weeks worthwhile.

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3. Real estate
We live in a pretty average house. It's totally OK for the three of us, but it's certainly not my dream home. I have two kinds of properties on my wish list which I just like to picture in my head. If I die and never lived in a house like this I won't be sad.

3.a Summer beach house in California

3.b Winter log home in Colorado

4. Fitness

4.a Healthy Food
I am in the process of changing my diet, and I need to make it a permanent change. So as much as I'd love to put a nice cheesy pizza on my vision board - veggie platter it is!

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4. b Exercise
See above. Eating cleaner is one thing, but I also need to work out. I am not a sporty person. At all. But I pull myself together and do some Zumba and Aerobics. 
Flashdance used to be my favourite movie as a teenager, and Jennifer Beale's character was probably every girl's idol. so I need her and her persistence here!

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5. Friends & Family
Because trouble shared is trouble halved! I'm very grateful to have this lady in my life, and that our sons are best friends, too!

6. Writing / Working
Obviously one can write anywhere (and you can always go to #7), however I believe a desk that isn't too cluttered, in an inviting environment, is supporting the writing process. 

This area of my vision board is the toughest to imagine. What will I write / work? 

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7. Starbucks
My former employer represents great corporate values that I still miss at most other places, and it's where I met some wonderful people whom I miss, too. 

8. Colin
My baby just achieved a major milestone. After four years of hockey school he was accepted into the youth team. There is probably nothing in his life that cost him so much blood, sweat and tears, so I'm super proud of him, and he's certainly an inspiration!

9. Magic
Rainbows are some of the few magical things happening in our lives. Even though it can be explained by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets, blablabla, I like to think that they happen rarely and just for the same of making us happy!

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10. Spirituality
I don't meditate. I am too fidgety, can't breathe in and breathe out without having a ton of thoughts racing through my mind. (I was lucky this one time, though, when I met my future me!) So what I mean by spirituality is being in touch with myself and my emotions and stuff. Kind of hard to explain. Similar to rainbows ;-)

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Your turn now: what's on your vision board? What does it mean to you? 

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