A - Z Blogging Challenge - Balance

Welcome back to A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 2/26

Today we're talking about Balance.

I feel finding a balance is hard. Work / life, efficient vs meaningful, me-time vs to-do list, environmentally friendly vs budget friendly, healthy vs yummy, the list goes on.

So many "choices" of which many are pretty much imposed by bosses, rules and limitations - and maybe a little bit by our ability to say no and live with the consequences. 

If we work less, we probably make less money, if we want to spend more time doing things we love, other things won't get done (and the world will most probably continue to revolve), purchasing organic produce is expensive, and most of us prefer pizza over veggies.

If we feel out of balance we probably have to ask ourselves some hard questions:

At the end of the day - what does really matter to us?

If we were to die next month, what are the things we'd really, really want to do tomorrow and next week?

Go to work? Save money? Vacuum the living room? 

Didn't think so.

I am guilty of getting caught up in daily life, so I'm writing this for myself. 

To me it is important to stay healthy long enough to see my son through. He's 8, actually he turned 8.5 on St. Patrick's Day as he pointed out, so depending on when he's hopefully getting married and making babies, I want to be around for another 30 years at least. 

Now I could gamble and say make it a fun 30 years, bring on the chocolate and the wine! And I might turn out OK. 

If I'm taking care of myself, eating broccoli and working out I still have no guarantee that I won't get hit by a truck on my way to the gym. Now that would be really ironic, wouldn't it.

Be it as it may, for the time being, I choose to spend more money on organic produce and less on sweets and alcohol, spend my time exercising instead of facebooking.

Speaking of finding a balance, as if counting calories wasn't hard enough, I feel equally challenged by balancing my food: carbs, fats and protein. This day looks better than most others:

PS: The Jar of Life comes to mind. You may have come across it. Still worth reminding yourself from time to time to take care of the big rocks first.

What are your challenges when it comes to a balanced life? What little steps can you take to improve your balance? Let me now in the comment section below!

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PPS: Broccoli - it's really good for you, check out its health benefits here! Cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, detoxification, just to name a few. In case you're wondering what those cute clauliflower / broccoli patties are, check back tomorrow!