A - Z Blogging Challenge - Borg's X-ertion Scale

Welcome back to our A - Z Blogging Challenge, we're almost there!

Today is one of those tough letter days, and I promised my x-traordinray blogger friend Mandy over at Your Everyday Traveler that we'll celebrate our A - Z friendversary in style, meaning big, I mean, x-tra large! How about this?

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For those who feel we need to deserve our celebration, let's have a look at the Borg  X-ertion Scale:

It is a way of measuring (perceived) physical activity intensity levels, which is a bit difficult to do because as you work out of course you feel like you're working hard!

It takes your heart rate, respiration and sweating into account - again, I find this tough to determine. Experts however are confident that you're usually not far off.

I came across this in my Aerobics video (which I'm still doing on a weekly basis)

According to my 120 heartbeats per minute (divided by 6 to match this scale) I am in the range of a 20 - 50 year old. Well then, that's certainly true!

I always like something practicable, so this is a chart that speaks to me:

Even though there has been a lot of talk about a healthy lifestyle, clean food and exercise throughout this month, please note that my comfort level is in the purple and blue zone! 

When Vicky pushes me in my training session I may end up at yellow but will perceive my exertion as orange if not red!

Yeah well. Back to celebrating. Have I told you I reached my 10kg / 20 pounds goal this past weekend? I think it's fitting that it happened during this blogging (and fitness) challenge. 

Celebrated with a "Dirt Cupcake" on Earth Day. 

You can find the other X posts here. Only two more to go, be back for Y tomorrow, it's all about you are what you eat!