A - Z Blogging Challenge - Determination

Welcome back to A - Z Blogging Challenge, Day 4 / 26!

Let's talk about determination today - cause that's one of the main qualities that help you to reach your goals. 

At least that's true for me. I may take some time to commit. Once I've set my mind to doing something though, I'm unstoppable. 

Of course I'm also impatient, so I pretty much expect immediate results. 

Luckily it's also a virtuous circle: determination causes results, results lead to motivation, motivation fuels determination!

I sometimes ask myself if drive or determination is something you were born with. My Mom often says about me that if I wanted something as a kid (or didn't want, for that matter) there was no point arguing. 

She's nice enough not to say that I was probably a PIA. 

On the other hand I wasn't a quitter. If I chose to do something, I finished without prompting. (Well, I'm not talking about that knitting a sweater project I never completed!)

I try to teach Colin the same. Looking at his friends I see a lot of them taking up new hobbies, musical instruments or sports only to drop out after a rather short while. 

Now of course there is nothing wrong in not pursuing something you don't like after all. I just dare to question how they decided to start in the first place. 

Did it just look fun at first sight and then they found out there's work involved? 

Didn't they didn't bother to think it through? 

Are they / their parents going too easy on them? Are they growing up to be the "we're entitled to fun generation" and if things get too hard, they walk away? 

I hope not!

If you feel you lack determination, try to ask yourself why you chose to do what you're doing, work on eliminating obstacles blocking your way, keep your end goal in mind (and sight - visualise how you're going to celebrate!) and most importantly don't give up!

That was it for D, folks.

What? Not a word about diet? 

Nah. I know you're still digesting yesterday's calories...

Instead let's wrap up by talking about dancing. What are your favorite songs to dance around the living room like a crazy person? Here's my list of ten, coincidentally they're all from the 80s
  1. Kenny Loggins, Footloose
  2. Bon Jovi, Living on a prayer
  3. Billy Idol, White Wedding
  4. WHAM! Wake me up before you go-go
  5. Starship, We built this city
  6. Katrina & the Waves, Walking on Sunshine
  7. Bryan Adams, Summer of 69
  8. Foreigner, Urgent
  9. Guns N'Roses, Paradise City
  10. Belinda Carlisle, True Heaven is a Place on Earth
Phew! Now that was fun! Have a sip of water! 

If you're not too tired head over and check out what other bloggers came up with today!

I hope you'll be back tomorrow for an energy boost!