A - Z Blogging Challenge - Fats & Fun

Welcome back to A - Z Blogging! It was bound to happen... we're talking about fats today.
First of all, with all the talk about fats making you fat (why else would they be called fats?) it's important to know that they are important and necessary to transport fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) through our bloodstream, to maintain healthy skin and other tissues and for our brain and nerve functions. 

Doesn't that make you think? You're irritable and scream at your kids, the only thing that seems to help is a nice, comforting donut..?

However, similar to carbs there are good and bad fats as well. 

Good = Unsaturated fats 
  • Polyunsaturated, found in vegetable oils, salmon and walnuts
  • Monounsaturated fats as in avocado, hazelnut and almonds can help lower cholestrol and triglyceride levels and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Bad = Saturated fats 
  • Saturated fats do pretty much the opposite. They raise cholesterol levels, clog arteries and thus increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. They are found in animal products such as bacon, sausages, poultry skin, eggs and high-fat dairy (cream, cheese, whole milk) contain saturated fats. 
  • Artificial trans fats are the worst. They are used in pretty much everything that is industrially fried, baked and packaged, like crackers, chips, cake, donuts, cookies, you name it.

(Un)saturated Fats

Sorry, I know this is bad news for all you donut, bacon and french fry lovers out there! There is more: don't think that going for fat-free or reduced fat items is going to be the answer. Those products just pack additional sugar. Not what we want!

With all the talk about heart problems, diabetes and whatnot I think it's important to still have a good life and fun! 

I admit I'm struggling to excessively wash, peel and chop veggies in the kitchen every day, and to get out of the house for my workouts, especially on Monday mornings. 

To be honest, I consider my appointments with my fitness instructor as "going to work", and it's a good thing that I really like her and that I pay her money, otherwise I might just cancel. 

What I'm trying to do is finding joy in the little things that make me happy. 
  • Using a drop of magic potion, wait for the letter O, and I'll tell you about it!
  • Wearing my pink workout gear.
  • Logging my pushups and squats in my fitness tracking app
  • Getting sh** done afterwards  - once I'm out of the house. Yes, I grocery shop in my activewear!
  • Enjoying a nice warm shower
  • Wearing comfy clothes, preferable sweatpants afterwards

I also take pride in arranging my healthy food in a nice way.

What would certainly help, too, would be to exercise with a friend. You know, meeting with a running buddy or a whole group. Or to car-pool with someone to the gym. That way you depend on each other, and it's hard to drop the ball. Unfortunately time and work don't permit it for me, but that's OK. I'm in no shape to jog and talk! 

What do you do to make your health journey more fun?

I hope to see you back here tomorrow for the letter G. I'm afraid we're going to have to hit the gym together, since I have no friends and all ;-)

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