A - Z Blogging Challenge - Good vs Bad Food Choices & Goals

Welcome back to A - Z and happy weekend! It's G's turn today.

How about I take you to my gym? No? Don't want to meet my treadmill?

OK, if you say so.

Instead I'm going to talk about goals and show you a couple of interesting graphics I found here.

As I'm typing this (less than a week prior to this post being due) I went for a run. 

Yes, me!!! 

The last time I attempted to do so was 15 months ago. It ended up being more of a photo opportunity walk. Not today, though!

This is what was super helpful not to give up, and I thought it deserved a mention on the blog: 

  • I kept my options open, I could always run for a minute / walk for a minute (and to be honest I expected to resort to that rather quickly)
  • Tiny goals: run towards the big tree, will you hang on till the trail makes a left turn, etc.
  • Anticipation: almost at school, you used to be able to run to and from school, so today shouldn't be a problem. Hey you've come this far, wouldn't it be great if you stuck it out all the way home?

And I did! 

It wasn't a long distance (a bit over a mile), I was going super slowly, but I kept going, and I am so freaking proud of myself!

Now on to the food choices. No comment necessary!

Three things: 
  • Personally I'd rather have the M&Ms than canned beans. 
  • Wondering why there aren't any grapes as a snack suggestion? They are among the top five fruit with a high sugar content. Others are mangoes and cherries.
  • Plus I don't believe 2.5 minutes of climbing stairs do burn 200 calories. See for yourself though, using this calculator. (It's more like 25 minutes!) Check out the calculator, it's fun! I just found out that one hour of brushing my teeth burns 155 calories - in case you'll ever need that information!

So if you want the entire cheeseburger - are you ready to hit the steps for 50 minutes? Let me know down below and be back on Monday for H is for health. (Of course, right?)

If you want to find out what others had to say about the letter G, head over here!

Happy Weekend!