A - Z Blogging Challenge - Jeans, Jump & Just Do It!

Welcome back to A - Z Blogging Challenge, today it's all about the letter J!

Jeans are important to me.  

All those years that I held "high profile positions" I had to wear business attire, and with Starbucks, on days with no meetings, trainings or interviews (=the odd casual Friday) I usually donned dress code, khaki pants, black top, hold the green apron!) I appreciate my current job for allowing me to wear jeans! 

They are one of my top ten clothing items. They're part of my ultimate freedom.

One of my major initiators to tackle some kind of health journey was the fact that I couldn't fit into my most forgiving "fat jeans" anymore. 

I'm really not talking about the ones that are still tucked away in a special box, labeled "to be worn again - someday" 

Maybe next month...

I'm talking about some super stretchy "Not My Daughter's Jeans" if you know what I mean. 

In all those years I have always been able to eat whatever I pleased, and my metabolism somehow managed to deal with it because I was also able to wear my usual clothes. 

I gave birth in September 2008, and I slipped into my good old jeans in late March 2009.

Something has changed in the past two to three years, it happened slowly but steadily. 

Last summer when I had to join my husband to a business function I couldn't wear any of my dressy pants. Not by far! I attended that event wearing maternity pants!!!

Don't ask me what made me wait for another six months to do something against it. 

I guess it's because it's never a good time. 

Barbeques, Colin's birthday, vacation in the U.S. - definitely not a time to go on a diet, Halloween, Christmas, you get the picture.

No more excuses in January I told myself to Just Do It!

It was similar to when I decided to try going through life without Coke Zero after being an addict for 25 or so years.

I just did it. 

I promised on my blog and I started!

And if I can do it, so can you! 

If you have been following me for a while you may have picked up some ways that work for you, and there will be more throughout this A - Z journey.

Before we wrap up with some epic, uplifting music, let me tell you about Juice Plus. 

I'm not getting paid for doing so (but maybe I should..?)

Anyway, here's what it's not: it's not a supplement, it's not a vitamin pill.

It's the next best thing to fresh fruit, berries and vegetables because we usually don't manage to get five a day. In this video you can see that the time between harvesting and processing is only six hours, that's pretty great!

I have been taking them for 8.5 years now - that's how old Colin is. Before that I kept claiming those capsules were too large for me to gulp. After swallowing my ginormous prenatal vitamins featuring folic acids, iron and stuff, I was ready for Juice Plus. 

At some point I was severely sleep deprived. Still I made it through every single day. Apart from my sick days of Christmas there was one more time I was sick in bed for a couple of days, and that's it - in over eight years! I like to believe that my capsules had something to do with that. 

Now please head over to Lisa Love, one of my new blogging buddies who's playing Van Halen's Jump! for you! Why? Her theme is "Hair Bands"! 

And we are all going to jump and dance as hard as we can for the duration of the song and then head over to today's letter J post collection


So tell me, which are your favourite jeans? Do you like Van Halen's Jump?

See you tomorrow! What letter are we going to do, I think it's K. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's K. Man, this alphabet is going by so quickly!