A - Z Blogging Challenge - Key to Success

Welcome back for another episode of A - Z Blogging Challenge - today it's K's turn.

I'm sharing the key to my successful journey to getting in shape and losing weight. 

Keep in mind that everybody is different, and what has been working for me, isn't necessary the way to go for you, but it'll certainly give you some ideas, even if it is what you can't or don't want to do.

And because I'm the Top Ten Girl, here's your list of ten keys to success:

  1. Accountability: Communicate your intentions to a friend and / or post it on Social Media, use Apps to track your food intake and exercise. Seeing it black on white may be scary, but you weren't gonna lie to yourself anyway, right?
  2. Ambition: Not in a trophy kind of way, I'm more thinking of accepting a challenge. Can't run 5k? Me neither. Can you run around the block? (See above) Now can you run around a real block? See, achievement!
  3. Creativity: You may have to tweak a thing or two in the way you've been doing things so far, grocery shopping, meal prepping, blocking out time to exercise. Rather than to say "I can't because" try saying "I will find a way to do it!"
  4. Consistency: Get into your new routine and stick to it without even thinking about it. There are programs that allow for cheat days and exceptions which is great if you can handle it. I'd rather not give in to temptations. 
  5. Determination: You have to want to do it, otherwise you'll lack motivation and throw in the towel soon. Write down your reasons, choose a meme that you pin to your fridge or make it your desktop wallpaper.
  6. Faith: Your mind can do great things. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will surprise yourself! 
  7. Motivation: As I was just saying. If you really want to do something, you'll come up with this incredible confidence and energy that lead to first results which will encourage you to carry on!
  8. Patience: Not my forte as well, I know. I want results, and I want them now. Just keep in mind that it took you a while to gain those pounds, so give it time to get rid of them. If you haven't worked out in ages like me, you're not going to run a marathon next month, and that's OK. Celebrate small progress. You've put on your workout gear and left the house, good job! Today's workout wasn't as hard as yesterday's, and the next will be a tiny bit easier! A for effort!
  9. Plan & Prep: As a person who likes to wing it, this is tough but it has helped me for sure. I'll get into that as the letter P is due.
  10. Stubbornness Perseverance: If necessary don't look left and right and just do your thing. Never mind if the others are having a cupcake, you are going to spend those calories on a nice, big chicken salad! Don't give up, keep your goal in mind, accept occasional setbacks and move on! Bestseller author J. K. Rowling wasn't always a successful author, just the opposite: 

Here are a couple of motivational memes for you to choose from:

What are the things that hold you back / help you on your journey? 
What are you taking away from this list? 

Please leave me a comment down below!

Thanks for dropping in today! If you come back tomorrow, I'll tell you about the food tracking app I'm using. For more K posts go here.