A - Z Blogging Challenge - Magic, Mind & Motivation

Welcome back to A - Z, we're halfway through already! Today it's all about Macig, Mind & Motivation.

In February we were talking about Motivation in one of our Top Ten Thursday episodes.

It was more of a general post because we need motivation in many aspects of our everyday lives.

Today let's dig deeper for some motivation to become and stay fit!

In German we have an expression called innerer Schweinehund ("inner ratfink"), meaning one's weaker self. My personal weaker self is pretty big, unfortunately. 

It is kind, though! It allows me to watch movies and eat cinnamon rolls while that other stuck-up bitch, Discipline, demands that I work out, clean up and do other painful stuff.

You know what usually happens? My Schweinehund and its friend Procrastination team up and tell Discipline "don't worry, we'll get to it - later!"

My best motivator is success. So once I start and notice a positive change I'm getting hooked. It was that way when I quit Coke Zero cold turkey. 

All that time I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to for go a day without. Can you imagine my joy and pride after the first day, as hard as it was? 

It was similar this January. 

After my last day of freedom (drinking Prosecco and eating King's Day Cake) I knew I just had to do it, and I got started. 

I talked about it a couple of days ago in K = Key to Success.

Schweinehund and Procrastination have another buddy: Comfort Zone! It's where we retreat to when we're afraid of trying something or when things are getting tough. Which is a pity, because once we brace ourselves to step out, we may suprise ourselves!

Most of us have some negative "truths" hardwired to our brains. Things that our parents, teachers and other influential people kept telling us. To our own benefit we should re-wire our mndset those alternative facts as in the following examples: 

I have come to realise that I need to be more mindful about things. Not to just wolf down my food, but to deliberately savor it! Especially when calorie budgets only allow for tiny portions of my favorite treats!

Also to be mindful about other things. Conversations: I try and make it a point to really connect and listen. (Phone down, of course. If you struggle with getting distracted by beeping and vibrating gadgets, download the forest app and plant some trees!)

Before you leave, let me introduce you to Alyssia over at Mind over Munch Her channel offers a wealth of creative ideas, mostly clean and vegan recipes and tutorials. I especially like her Bento Box series. So cheerful and creative!

Now find out what other bloggers had to say about M and please be back on Monday for N because there will be Nutella, yay!