A - Z Blogging Challenge - Oils

Welcome back to another episode of A - Z! Today it's O is for Oils.

As we've already covered "oils" in edible fats, let's do something different today. 

The other day I was interviewing my friend Angela @ Warm Wellness who is a distributor for doTERRA  essential oils.

What are essential oils, how are they obtained, how can they be applied..? Watch this 2:30 minutes video:

"Hi Angela, as you know I've been trying to get into shape and lose some weight - do you think your magic oils can help me in any way?"

"Absolutely! There actually is a metabolic blend, called Slim & Sassy, that helps boosting your metabolism, breaks down petrochemicals, lifts your mood and manages hunger cravings."

"Petro-what??? Sounds scary, as if I was drinking kerosene which I don't, I swear! Not even back when I was working for the airline!"

"Oh, they're everywhere! In your food (think pesticides, artificial colors and wax coating), your personal care, household cleaning products, you name it."

"And I can get rid of them just by applying this oil to my wrists?"

"You're supposed to add a few drops to your drinking water prior to a workout and / or a meal. You may also use it with your room diffuser."

"Excellent! Well, the food part is one thing - however, getting off my butt in the morning to go to the gym  is a whole entire different story. I'd rather lounge and write."

"I hear you! Motivate may be interesting for you. It's another blend containing peppermint, basil and rosemary. These substances make you feel confident and brave and chase off doubt and pessimism. I like to apply some when I don't feel like cleaning the house!"

"I'm sold. Got a vial for me to try?"

That's how far we came. I cut the interview short and ran off to the gym. 

Just kidding. We played soccer with her son until they had to get his sister from Kindergarten. I went home to write this post, and let me tell you, I am smelling really nicely, and I'm completely motivated!

Couch Potato Barbie guarding my "Motivation" oil vial

Other popular oils are 

  • Lemon cleansing and invigorating effects, 
  • Peppermint for a stuffy nose, headaches or if you're feeling nauseous
  • Deep blue for your sore muscles
  • Lavender to relax. Not a fan of lavender myself I prefer chamomile 

I find scents to be a very interesting subject. In German there's an expression about people you can't stand, you say you can't smell them. It doesn't necessarily mean they haven't showered in days, you just don't like them for some reason. Now if you don't like them plus they are smelly or use a fragrance you don't like, they're doomed.

On the other hand a rather boring person may attract you because they use an eau de toilette that you love! For me "Cool Water" is one of them!

Smells influence us in so many ways. I did an olfactory post as part of last year's A-Z: unique smells, and again for Top Ten Thursday, check them out, there's coffee and cinnamon rolls waiting for you!

Our memories are also strongly linked to smells. If I tell you "elementary school" I'm pretty sure your mind can take you right back to the polished floor or whatever it was that made your classroom unique and unforgettable. Hospital smell is a reason why people don't like to go there, not even to visit someone - it's associated with traumatic experiences, sickness and maybe even death.

Scents are also used for marketing purposes. Room fragrance in retail spaces make you feel comfortable and generous, so be aware! Other businesses don't need any diffusers, candles or sprays, they have freshly ground coffee brewing, yummy croissants in the oven or pretty flowers for sale!

This is an old picture. I haven't had a cinnamon roll in ages!

How did you like this (exercise free) post? 

Have you at some point used essential oils? What for? 

Either way, what is your favourite smell?

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Make sure to come back here tomorrow for P is for Planning and Preparing, unfortunately a necessity if you're a busy part-time working hockey mom on a roll!