A - Z Blogging Challenge - Plan & Prep

Welcome back to A - Z, today's letter is P, and we're talking about the planning aspect of getting into shape.
One thing that is key for me is to have a plan and be prepared. Now I'm not talking about a super strict schedule, I just need to have everything in place. Let me give you an example.

Like I mentioned many times I like to have a mise-en-place for Colin's and my clothes that we are going to wear for school or work. I choose them the night before, so there is no "where are my lucky socks, and could you get my sweater from the dryer?" early in the morning. 

I noticed that things go much smoother for me, if the same is true for my gym clothes, my gym bag plus the clothes I am going to wear after a well deserved shower. Extra points if they are sweatpants and fluffy socks!

I also put my workouts that I'm supposed to do at home in my calendar. So on Saturday and / or Sunday at 10 am there will be an alarm, and an appointment with a YouTube link will pop up. Vicky, my fitness instructor told me to find a new one as I shouldn't repeat Kathy Smith's Fat burning workout (1988) too many times. I almost died in a recent HIIT session. Who knew jumping jacks could be so strenuous!

Now on to the food. 
I need to think ahead and grocery shop for fresh produce regularly. We have an average (=small) European fridge, so I keep running out of this and that. Not only do I have to stock up on lettuce, I need to think about what to make for the guys who want "something yummy, not pet food."

Then the snacks! Since junk or convenience food is out of question for me, I also need to have healthy snacks ready. Cherry tomatoes, miniature cucumbers, miniature mozzarella balls, carrot sticks, apple slices, grapes, you name it.

That's a lot of prep work, and if I don't do it, as soon as hunger strikes, the temptation to give in to sugar-loaded granola bars or crackers is enormous.

If everything is ready, all I have to do is grab and snack! 

Now we only have so many snack boxes, and sometimes they get forgotten at school, or they're in the dishwasher, so I put the goodies in ziploc bags.

From then on let's just hope that my Mommy Brain is doing its job.

How many times have I left the house only to notice an hour later that I left everything in the fridge, and I have nothing to eat!

Happened just the other day when we went to the mall. I had promised Colin some screen time at Starbucks. I reloaded my loyalty card, and the barista told me to pick a pastry for free. 

A slice of cheesecake was calling my name: "Tamara, what's the matter with you?"

Why they're still selling Valentine's Day Cake in April is beyond me!

I asked for a donut for Colin and purchased a tiny (50g) package of trail mix for me.

Photo Source
The nutrition facts label was hidden very well, but I did find out that this tiny little portion that I wouldn't even call "snack size" has 233 calories!

It was tough to let down the cheesecake and the cinnamon rolls, I hope they forgive me.

Also I did better the next time I was on the road.

Purse, check
Notebook Case, check
Bell Peppers, check

What do you do in terms of planning and preparing when it comes to your food and fitness routine? Let me know down below, and please check back in tomorrow for the letter Q!

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