A - Z Blogging Challenge - Quads & Quizzes

Welcome back to A - Z Blogging Challenge. The big day has arrived. It's Q Day.

I know, right? Q is hard. 

Do you like Quark? I don't particularly. 

So I've been going easy on you in terms of working out; today it is time to do some leg work.

There are three major muscles in the anterior thigh: the pectinous, sartorial and quadriceps femoris aka Quads = musculus quadriceps femoris = four-headed muscle of the femur.

Typical exercises to train your Quads include Squats and Leg Presses:


Leg Press

If you don't want to do the exercises you may print out the illustrations and color them ;-)))

Here's a video including the top ten (of course, right?) leg exercises. Unfortunately there is a great view, but no instructions and no music:

If you want some guidance and sound, here are ten minutes of leg and butt workouts:

Whoa, are your legs sore yet?

Let's train a completely different muscle to cool down: your brain! 

Here's a Quiz for you. If you've been following me this shouldn't be hard:

  1. What health benefits does a cup of coffee a day have?
  2. In what aspect does spinach change after being cooked?
  3. What is a low-carb alternative to regular pizza dough?
  4. Name a food that contains monounsaturated fats.
  5. What unexpected ingredient do I use to make brownies?
  6. Name a factor that is considered relevant for a successful weight loss journey.
  7. What do you need to be careful about when eating salads? (In terms of calories)
  8. What are the two main ingredients I did not use to make "healthy" Nutella?
  9. Name a fruit that contains a surprising amount of sugar.
  10. Magical Oil - what kind of oil was I talking about?

What have you done for your Quads today? How many answers do you think you've scored? 

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Come back tomorrow for R is for Relaxing, how does that sound?