A - Z Blogging Challenge - Understanding Units

Welcome back to A - Z  Blogging Challenge. Today it's all about U!

As you can see, when I first brainstormed about this letter, u-turn, universe and uplifting came to my mind. During the course of writing ahead / everyday life, however, I kept struggling with my food tracking. Living in Europe and using apps that are mainly configured for the U.S. has its challenges when it comes to measurements. 

How much is a serving? An ounce, a cup?

It's not that this is completely new to me, I mean I have to convert the ingredients for pretty much every recipe I find online. 

I usually just google 

"How much is 0.5 cup ground almonds in grams?"
"Convert 6 ounces of chocolate into grams" 

Or I go directly to websites like Traditional Oven or Convert Units.

What if I have no clue, though?

Example: I wanted to log this steak. I didn't know how many grams it weighted, and I didn't know if it was about 6 or 8 oz because I just had no idea. Got my dilemna?

And even if some restaurants mention in their menu that a particular piece of meat weighs so and so many grams, is that before or after cooking? And if it is the raw weight, how much will it lose during preparation? Is it just water that evaporates, or does meat lose fat during the cooking process, which would actually be great?

The American Heart Association came up with some wonderfully illustrative examples:

One of these days you may see me at a restaurant tossing the contents of my purse onto the dining table: hockey puck, computer mouse, some dice, the works...!

You'll know exactly why!!!

By the way, I might be doing a separate post about this particular panorama / steak restaurant, but here's a preview for you. We were lucky to catch a day with abnormally great visibility:

Oh, and yes, I busted my calories budget that night, even though I only had side veggies and no dessert! Totally worth it, though.

Are you affected by confusing measurements? What tools are you using?

What may the other bloggers have prepared for U? Find out here and be sure to come back tomorrow, we'll talk about Vitamins, also I want you to meet Vicky, my lovely fitness instructor!