A - Z Blogging Challenge - Will Zumba for Zucchini Bread

Last day of this year's A-Z Blogging Challenge -  we made it to Z! 

Zucchini and Zumba, anyone?
It's interesting that the first thing I did on my health journey starts with the last letter of the alphabet. 

This is how it all started: It was January, I knew I desperately needed to do something about my muffin top, and I it must have been a twist of fate...

So I attended a Zumba class and got to talk with Vicky, the instructor. She told me she could help me to lose weight but we would need to work 1:1. Fine with me. It turned out to be a great decision!

Back to Zumba though:

While I don't particularly like the music style that is being played (best described as soulless latin computer rap?) the time is convenient for me, 9:30am on Monday mornings, and it's never crowded, just a handful of other Moms, some of which seem to be there mainly for the chat part of the class.

Changing subject, here's something a friend posted just the other day, I just needed to share this with you guys:

How disappointing!

Back to Zumba class we go. What to do about the food, though? Zucchini seems awfully close to green grass and salad? Maybe if we pair it with chocolate?

I found this recipe for Low Carb Chocolate Zucchini Cake on a site called Kitchen Nine, doesn't it look nice?

Photo Credit

I made mine as a sheet cake and skipped the drizzle so it didn't look especially picture-worthy.

Still I have no idea how the original author came up with the "fact" that one serve has only 5g carbs. We're back at understanding your units, I guess. A serve must be a mini-bite because these are the calculations I came up with based on the ingredients available to me:

A 30g piece is pretty tiny. If you want more than one piece, you need to go back to Zumba class, though! No pain, no gain...

Well, folks, that was it! A-Z in one month, I guess there will be a recap post so I'll spare you my thoughts today. 

I want to thank you for bearing with me, visiting and supporting me! 

I hope you keep dropping in throughout the year and maybe join me for Top Ten Thursday, my weekly list of ten on random topics, announced here, two weeks ahead, suggestions are welcome.

If you're up for more Z posts head over here. Happy Weekend!


  1. love zucchini bread. did you make your challenge? 30 # in one month is pretty impressive.

    Joy at The Joyous Living


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