It's been a loooong month posting all through the alphabet. It ain't over yet, though! The last day of the month is #Photoblogchal time!

As I was brainstorming "color" - this month's theme - I was thinking crayons, flowers, rainbows, cars,... 

Then I got interrupted and went on with everyday life. I was on my way to Personal Swiss, the annual Human Resources Management convention in Zurich, Switzerland. Just as I was pulling into the parking garage, they were playing Prince on the radio. 

I remained seated in my car even though the captain had turned off the fasten seat belt sign, singing along at the top of my lungs, when it hit me:

Song titles!

I was so excited about my idea that I completely blocked out just how difficult it is to take pictures of Purple Rain and Blue Monday!

So let's see what I've come up with:

To be completely honest, this picture does not meet all the criteria of this challenge. It hasn't been taken this month. In Switzerland we don't see many Corvettes, let alone pretty (American) classic cars. However, every August there is a Corvette meeting near us, and we love it. This is the only acceptable red Corvette picture I found in my archives.

Photo Credit: Flyguler
This one does not meet challenge requirements either because it is a guest contribution. My friend Markus aka plane spotter put it at my disposal, so I'm using it as the 6th (bonus) picture, just to complete the rainbow. This is a Mango Airline's aircraft. We admired them when we were visiting South Africa. So cheerful and bright!

What better photo model for the song yellow than Yellow, the peanut M&M? Had a shooting with him during intermission at the movie "Boss Baby" Colin and I were watching.

Thank you, local Irish Pub, probably the only building near and far that actually has a green door!

If you look cloesely, you can see that my Mr Blue Sky also has Blue Eyes!

While we were enjoying our bubbly on Easter Monday, my friend Doris wanted to know exactly why I needed to drink sparkling wine for research (as I had texted her earlier.) I told her about this assignment and how I got the idea to link colors to song titles. She went "you know there are those fancy shower heads that change colors? You could take a picture while it's purple!" 

How lucky am I? Not only do I have genius friends - we are also the proud owners of said shower head! Purchased in my PJs no less. This is a story for another day, though. Actually, it's here.

You guys, I'm on a roll now, I'm so excited! I just remembered I discovered an energy drink at the gas station:

After googling, downloading and testing some free apps I ended up using Color Photo Edit and managed to change the original picture into this one. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... 

I'm pretty darn happy about how this post turned out, and I hope you like it, too. To check out my fellow photo blog challengers' contributions, head over here!

Next month my coworker will be on vacation, and I'll have to cover for her. Less gym, less writing, what are you gonna do. 

We're back with Top Ten Thursdays on, well, Thursday! Everybody's welcome to join! Till then, take care!