A - Z Blogging Challenge Reflection Post

Welcome back to A - Z Blogging Challenge!

Whaaaat? April is over, I did all my letters of the alphabet, what's going on?

Time to recap, that's what's going on. Reflect on how things went throughout the month of April, what we liked and disliked, etc.

For me it was the third time I participated.

2015 I was talking about obstacles I'm meeting as a part-time working Mom, especially when my son was younger, and in 2016 coincidence had it that I was traveling, so I blogged about the aspects of being on the road. 

I certainly learn something new every year. You know how at the end of each challenge you pledge that next time you're going to start early and write ahead? 

This year I really wanted to make it happen, but I was struggling to come up with a theme.

I have been in the process of becoming healthier and losing weight, so this is what I decided I was going to talk about in the A-Z challenge.

I had written and scheduled almost 50% of my posts prior to April 1st. Of course I originally wanted to be all done and only focus on visiting other blogs, but still, I was pretty happy with 12 out of 26. 

There were theme revealing posts at the end of March which was very helpful in terms of finding out what blogs to visit. I almost only went after those who cared to explain in a few words what they were all about as opposed to the link droppers.

Here are blogs of friends I met during last year's A - Z (or other challenges) whom I revisited this year:
  • With Love: Mandy and her husband Justin like to travel. She was blogging about their New Year's trip to Québec City and Montréal.
  • Lissa @ Rainswept didn't have a theme but surprised us every day with something creative and / or engaging.
  • Pamela & Ken's Days of Fun!! Pamela who calls herself a displaced Tasmanian moved to Scotland and tells us all about the hidden gems and the obvious: Highland Cows and Games, Whiskey, Loch Ness, the whole nine yards!
  • Yolanda Renee used her novel "Snowman" that takes place in Alaska to tell us about this gorgeous state. I'll definitely push it up on my travel bucket list!
  • Tossing it all out says Arlee, one of the A-Z team members. For A-Z he talked about aspects of time, and he runs an ongoing battle of the bands all year round, very cool!

Of course I also found new ones that I liked and visited (almost) every day:
  • Cresting the Hill of Midlife by Leanne. She was talking about her life as a middle aged woman, and let me tell you, she kicks a**! She's anything but a cliché, and if you're like me afraid of losing your mojo - don't be! Good times ahead!
  • Debbie aka the Dog Lady went back to that time she was a young girl and spent a year at a Swiss boarding school. Every memory she talks about is linked to a great song.
  • Mrs Clicks wrote 26 letters to Bubbles, her frozen embryo. Sounds weird? Not at all. She has been trying to get pregnant and is soon undergoing a frozen embryo transfer. In her letters she explains the whole process to us her future baby.
  • Karine over @ Tropical Colours went for a shortcut and only posted a couple of random (?) letters which is a pity because I really liked reading them.
  • Shirley is all about to write to inspire, and she used A-Z to help us build better blogs. So many useful tips!
  • Molly @ My Cozy Book Nook had a similar idea, she wrote about writing as well, focussing on the journalling aspect of it, keeping in mind the writer's mind, heart body and soul. I immensely liked her post on the wellness wheel.

There are many more, which you can find here.

As for my own blog, my most popular posts this year:

What the two have in common is that they talk about yummy and healthy food!

Now my least visited posts:

V is for Vitamins
X is for (Borg's) X-ertion Scale

People either didn't want a lecture on taking their vitamins or they were just getting tired as the alphabet was fading out? They weren't even curious about X?

That's it, folks! Thanks for another great A-Z month!
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