Look Up

Another month has gone by, and boy has it been a busy one.

All the more I embraced every opportunity when things or I were LOOKING UP.

As an example at our after-swim class place. We usually go out for a sandwich, and Subway happens to be part of a cinema complex. Not sure why there is a disco ball but I love it, and I probably take a picture every time we go there!

Outisde the entertainment paradise one new Mobility car was definitely looking up. Mobility is our car share company. If you're a member and you need a car, you book it online and pick it up within walking distance, usually next to airports, train stations, shopping centers and the like. 

As you may know as of the beginning of this month, my son, aka Hockey Guy, started his summer practice at a town almost an hour's drive away. I take him three times a week, yikes. While he's practicing, I (re)explore my old home. Almost 20 years ago I lived and worked there. In the meantime they built a whole new area around the hockey stadium. This tall building is part of it. It's called UPTOWN as you can see.

Upon looking up what businesses rent some space in there, I came across the Sky Lounge. Yes, on the top floor (18th) there's a panorama bar! Unfortunately the weather was really crappy the day I made it up there. Just imagine the view on a sunny day!

I combined business with pleasure and met with a vendor's marketing lady to go over last minute details for our upcoming endpoint security software customer event.

Sometimes when looking up you miss things that happen down below. Not this time, though! This city has its own equivalent to L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard: Neustadt Passage features hand prints of Swiss celebs. Those are hands of outstanding Swiss native hockey players like Colin Muller (yeah, same name as my son. This Colin used to be our national team's assistant coach) and current national captain Raphael Diaz.

Bonus / guest picture: My elementary school mate Monika took this very cool shot of a hot-air balloon. If you look closely you can see that there is no basket underneath but a bicycle!!! 

Those were my five, I mean six pictures representing "look up"- now please look up my fellow photographer bloggers' contributions here.