Mind Over Munch's Ooey-Goey Cookie Bars

In January when I started to research clean(er) food I came across Alyssa's channel and website Mind over Munch. She posted a new Bento Box video every day, it was fabulous! 

Purple cauliflower, zucchini latkes, turkey club pinwheels, dragon fruit saladcaprese pops, etc.  

One day there was chickpea cake! 


Well, she called them ooey gooey cookie bars, and they looked awesome. Not all the way clean, though, considering they contain M&Ms, but after all you want to feed them to your kids! 

I was intrigued. I had tried avocado brownies, better for you Nutella and cauliflower pizza crust, why not chickpea cake?

Here are the ingredients, I was very happy to discover that our supermarket carries cashew butter, even though it is very pricey.

All set, let's do this!

One badge with chocolate chips

One with M&Ms

It was sad to see that the red ones "bled out" and ended up looking orange. Mr C didn't like it too much, so I won't make them with M&Ms anymore.

Little wolf wolfed down a piece!

As for me, I thought they tasted super yummy! When I made some again I didn't have enough chocolate chips left so I melted the same amount of dark chocolate and mixed it into the batter. Also I had to complement the cashew butter with almond butter. It's not the same though. I'll definitely have to go chocolate chips shopping!

The good news is, my Mom, as well as hubby are back home, and as of tomorrow my coworker will be back at the office, too, and I'll go back to part-time, yay! I sure missed my freedom!