Top Ten Thursday - Bucket List

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about our bucket list(s).

Since I am lucky enough to have completed quite a lot of my wish list I decided to make two lists:

As a girl and young woman I wanted to:

  1. Get rid of my glasses - when I was 22 I got my first pair of soft contacts, and I have never looked back. Until the other day, that is.
  2. Be a blonde - thank you, hair product industry, for highlights!
  3. Be tanned - tough when you're fair skinned. For a while I used to visit the solarium, and I was quite happy with my look. It was taking up a lot of time and money, though, plus there was a case of skin cancer in my family, so I dropped it.
  4. Be popular - while this is a relative term, looking back I did pretty well.
  5. Be a manager - not sure why I thought this was going to be so great. Still, when I got offered to look after HR matters for a spin-off organization that was headed to multiple due dilligende processes, I jumped at the opportunity.
  6. Visit NYC - it was my ultimate idea of an American high-rise city. The only time my then fiancé and I spent a couple of days in Manhattan, it was pouring. Also we thought people were generally friendlier anywere but in NYC, We may have to give it another chance, though.
  7. Live and work in San Diego, CA - I got as close as a Swiss girl with no green card can get: a job offer by IKEA and a promise to have immigration lawyers work on the visa process. Until 9/11 hit.
  8. Get married - this July we will hit 13 years, wish us luck!!
  9. Have kids, a girl and a boy - well, the girl will have to be a daughter-in-law, so I'm working on that!
  10. Drive a Mustang convertible - yay, I got to check this one off just recently!

So should I die today, I can happily say all my wishes have come true. 

Of course I have no intention to die, not for a long time. and with wishes being fulfilled, new ones pop up:
  1. Have my own business - When I was in my late 20s / early 30s I used to think I'd end up having my own HR agency, doing recruiting activities and projects for clients. Now I'm not sure this is all that desirable. External consultants usually have to take care of tasks that corporate HR people hate to do themselves ;-)
  2. Instead I'd rather be paid for my writing.
  3. Or my party planning.
  4. How about publishing a book? There is a draft sitting somewhere, but I don't think I'll ever dig it back up. I need to think harder about the content first.
  5. I'd love to sleep through the night consistently.
  6. Stay healthy - currently working hard on that one.
  7. Live to see Colin getting married. (See above, I want a daughter-in-law!)
  8. Have grandkids nearby to see them growing up.
  9. Real estate: while we live in a nice, yet unpractical house in a wonderful neighborhood, I have never been involved in constructing, equipping and furnishing a house. So this would be a nice-to-have, not likely to happen, but you never know. 
  10. Alternatively I'd love to purchase a property in you-know-where (#7 above)

There you go, this was my bucket list! Of course I also have a mental travel bucket list, but this will be for another post!

What about you? What's on your list? Let me know in comments down below or link up your own post using the linky-tool. 

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