Top Ten Thursday - Life Skills

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Last time (which was also a while ago because of the break we took in favour of the A - Z Blogging Challenge, which went on all through the month of April) we reviewed our goals on our New Year's Resolutions. 

Today we're taking a look at the top ten things that today's kids should learn at school - besides the usual math, reading and writing. I'd like to go more along the lines of life skills, stuff that will matter.

Here's what I feel their curriculums should include:
  1. Building and maintaining diverse relationships: the most important one of all. While this is easy for young kids I feel it becomes harder as their schedules are packed with after school activities, and there is not much time left for playing with their friends.
  2. Problem solving, Dealing with adversity. Many of today's parents tend to helicopter and overprotect which deprives children of opportunities to manage to overcome obstacles themselves.
  3. Cooking and basic housework: I am guilty of spoiling my boy in that department. He used to like to help in the kitchen, and he did a great job. Lately he prefers to suggest recipes and disappears with his book / ball / gadget.
  4. Learning about health issues: nutritious foods, the importance of exercising, dangers of controlled substances, preferably in a playful way as opposed to preaching. He showed some interest in my lose it app and was surprised to hear about palm oil in Nutella.
  5. Budgeting and handling money. It's probably normal for kids to think money grows on trees, and there is an unlimited supply, but they need to understand it requires hard work to make money and one should therefore be mindful about how to spend it.
  6. Navigating through virtual reality, social media, etc. We had a 12yo boy disappearing from his home to visit an online "friend" in Germany. This scared the h*** out of me, and I hope every kid is aware of the danger in the internet without being too intimidated to enjoy the heartless aspects.
  7. Preserving and recycling resources - actually this is one thing they probably do better than some older folks because they grow up, and it's happening everywhere. At least in Switzerland.
  8. Values, doing the right thing, integrity, Being humble as opposed to entitled, taking care of others.
  9. Developing their own personality beyond peer pressure, mainstream and standards
  10. Mastering effective communication. Eye rolls are not part of effective communication. That's all. 

I realise I'm expecting a lot (too much) of our school system. Most of it is up to me. Leading by example, talking about what is going on in the world, asking and answering questions.

What are things that you think are super important to learn for life?

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Next Thursday (May 11) we'll do a Mother's Day Special:

For those who are Moms I'd like you to reflect on how your role has been shifting as your kid(s) grew older. Top ten obvious or surprising changes.

For those who have a Mom, list the top ten things she did for you which you are grateful for! 

If both apply, up to you to choose. Do both?!

The week after that (May 18) let's present our top ten items on our bucket list. Be it things to achieve, experience, learn, travel to,... Sign up here!