Top Ten Thursday - Mother's Day

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today there are two different assignments:

A) Ten obvious or surprising changes you're observing about your role as a Mom as your kid(s) grow(s) older

B) Ten things your Mom did for you, which you are grateful for 

Actually I have done both before about two years ago:

Shifting Roles and Tribute to my Parents. 

While my Mom definitely deserves a tribute every Mother's Day, I will go for A because things keep changing for my youngster and me.

  1. When Colin was a baby and toddler I used to feel super weird because, just like a chameleon, I was adapting my appearance and behavior to the current situation: one day stay at home mom in comfy and robust clothes indulging in some magic Elf on the Shelf fun, the next day working mom interviewing job candidates or chasing deals in pantsuit and heels. These days we all get ready in the morning, us parents for work, Colin for school.
  2. Every year at the beginning of hockey season we would spend hours printing out team rosters so he could study them. He looks them up online now. Also he's got a subscription for a hockey magazine that he reads religiously.
  3. I used to be a red light texter. I didn't text and drive, but I texted at traffic lights (but of course for once I needed it to be red, I was expected to move...) No need now. Hand the youngster the phone and ask him to tell Dad we'll be home in half an hour.
  4. For many years I was always thrilled to see a diaper promotion at the supermarket. Pay for 2, take 3, you know the kind. It still happens to me sometimes until I remember that I have absolutely no use for them anymore!
  5. Speaking of diapers. I used to pack a diaper bag! Still packing a bag for him, only this one contains shin and elbow guards, chest protector, helmet and skates...
  6. When in the car we used to listen to the radio. My junior DJ has taken over commuter entertainment by either bringing audio dramas or BRAVO Hits CDs, borrowed from the library. BRAVO hits are compilations of songs from the charts, issued by a teenage magazine.
  7. At malls and shopping centers I don't have to take a detour to avoid passing the coin operated cars, helicopters or fire trucks anymore. Instead he darts straight to the book store.
  8. When I opened a Google account I had no idea that one day there would be messages and replies from people (?) called MooseCraft, ProperDummies and UnspeakableGaming that refer to something I have no idea what they're talking about. As it turns out my little man goes around placing his opinion about Taylor Swift (whom he loves) and Katie Perry (whom he hates, just because she's Taylor's competitor) in pretty decent English - and in my name!
  9. When he needed to go to the (public) bathroom I liked to take him to "mine", the ladies room. I felt better having him with me instead of sending him to the men's room on his own. He won't join me anymore. I can only hope he won't have strange encounters.
  10. When I have my hands full I can ask him to add something to the grocery list, and he won't scribble "candy" and other treats.

So I guess my main shift in role is that instead of the "implementer" I have become more of a "facilitator" when it comes to his daily live: projects, social calendar, etc. 

I quite like how he makes plans and invites his friends over independently. As long as he keeps me in the loop. The other day a fellow Mom texted me "my kids told me they're invited for lunch. You do know about this, right?" I did know, and I did approve for his triplet friends to come over to make their own pizza, but I certainly appreciated the heads-up.

Apart from the obvious, how do you feel your little ones are not that little anymore? Did you prefer to be a baby's or toddler's mom as opposed to kindergartener or big kid?

Let me know down below or link up your own blog post using the Linky-Tool.

Now before you leave, check out these Honest Moments videos:

The Honest Company reached out and asked me to share this video campaign with fellow Moms. Now I don't know about you, but even if I didn't cry when I held Colin in my arms for the first time (even though I fully expected to!) I always, always cry when I see new Moms meeting their baby! "

If you want to learn more about The Honest Company go to their Instagram page for more products and stories!

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